Issues Vol. 17

This week’s pull list has lots to entertain, so thanks to Kirk at West End Comics as always, and he had my new Orphan Black Rachael Duncan Funko figure for me!

captain-america-white-1-cover-148696Captain America: White (Marvel) issue 1, written and art by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, colors by Dave Stewart and letters by Richard Starkings.

A new story in the colors universe, there’s been a Daredevil: Yellow, Spider-Man: Blue, and Hulk: Gray. This story follows Cap as he pens a letter to his lost sidekick, Bucky Barnes.

He carries the weight of having brought such a young man to war, and the grief he carries over the loss of his friend.

I’m a big fan of Loeb and Sale’s storytelling style, and this one proves to be no exception, perfectly capturing the feel of Captain America, and his alter-ego Steve Rogers as he and Bucky go to war.


st49Star Trek (IDW) issue 49, written by Mike Johnson, art by Tony Shasteen, colors by Davide Mastrolonardo, and letters by Neil Uyetake.

Sulu and his discovered away team, are taken by the avian-like Felidae People. Meanwhile, the ship in orbit warns the Enterprise and its crew not to interfere with its people. While Spock argues that these aliens posing as the Felidae deity have not truly broken the Prime Directive (though it wouldn’t apply to them anyway if they aren’t part of the Federation), Kirk is adamant that now that the species knows there is more out there, it’s time for a proper first contact…

After they have taken care of the problem the alien ship poses, and hopefully restore a balance of peace for the Felidae.

The art continues to impress, I think some of the stories could be a little longer and more in-depth, as well as introducing some b-stories, to continue to fill out the universe… Time will tell.

auteur4The Auteur: Sister Bambi (Oni Press) issue 4, written by Rick Spears, art by James Callahan, colors by Luigi Anderson and letters by Sick Rears.

Rex continues his filmmaking, with his beloved Coconut making a shocking personal discovery, but also finding a connection to the moment she’s been trying to capture in the film.

Unfortunately, everything is about to go sideways when real zombies storm the set, and a brilliantly drawn, executed, and recognizable film lines drop everywhere. Seriously, this sequence was laugh out loud funny.

This one continues to be a great marriage of hysterical storytelling, pop culture, and both subtle and blatant homages. Crude, bloody, sexy and funny.

EFNY_10_A_MainEscape From New York (Boom) issue 10, written by Christopher Sebela, art by Maxim Simic, colors by Marissa Louise, and letters by Ed Dukeshire.

Snake is back in New York, and is intent on taking down the President. Having been found guilty of treason, the President is serving his time on the island, but has secured a role for himself as the new Duke of New York.

After Snake’s attempt on his life fails, the Duke issues a new order, anyone who kills Snake can join him and his group on his side of a well-secured and armed cordon.

Now all of New York is after Snake, and he has to learn once and for all, to never trust a deal.

I’m still not a fan of the current style of art being used, but I am enjoying the story a lot, and the Central Park sequence is great!

tokyo-ghost-01-cvr-col-a9586Tokyo Ghost (Image) issue 1, written by Rick Remender, art by Sean Murphy, colors by Matt Hollingsworth, and letters by Rus Wooton.

Tokyo Ghost is a solid, and well-realized sci-fi world. We join Debbie Decay, an assistant, and tech-free moral compass of Contable Led Dent, who is so filled with nanos that he is currently plugged into the web, like almost everyone else on the planet.

They’re after Davey Trauma, a psychopath and tech mastermind who can hijack anyone else plugged into the net and play them like a video game.

The art is great, bringing the world to life, and the story is good so far. I may have to follow this one…

bigtrouble16Big Trouble In Little China (Boom) issue 16, written by Fred Van Lente, art by Joe Eisma, colors by Gonzalo Duarte, and letters by Ed Dukeshire.

In the 21st century, all Jack Burton wants is his truck, the Pork-Chop Express back, but first he’ll have to elude Japanese demons called kappas, as well as a dangerous helicopter.

Meanwhile, Eddie may have a lead on Margo, who may be in Macao… where Mao Yin currently lives, having divorced Wang, and left him with their daughter, Winona… Something tells me Jack is gonna get pulled into that one as well…

Frequently funny, though some of the gags misfire by trying to be too on the nose, I’m still not sure I like Jack being in today’s world, but I do enjoy his continuing adventures.

Star-Wars-Lando-4-1-600x911Star Wars: Lando (Marvel) issue 4, written by Charles Soule, art by Alex Maleev, colors by Paul Mounts and letters by Joe Caramagna.

Chanath Cha, the Emperor’s personal bounty hunter is closing in on Lando, Lobot and the others aboard the stolen Imperalis, Palpatine’s yacht.

He wants the ship recovered, but more importantly wants the Sith artifacts contained with int, returned to him safely.

But trouble seems to be following Lando, as one of the twins, Aleksin, is tempted by the Dark Side emanating from the artifacts, and turns on his fellows.

But there may be more secrets to be revealed, and perhaps the charming rogue can find his way out of this after all, but we’ll have to wait until next month’s concluding issue to find out…

This series has been great fun, and they really have Lando down, I can hear the character in my head, and it’s the Lando we all know…

sw9Star Wars (Marvel) issue 9, story by Jason Aaron, art by Stuart Immonen, ink by Wade Von Grawbadger, colors by Justin Ponsonr, and letters by Chris Eliopoulos.

Luke is having problems on Nar Shadda, first recovering his lightsaber, and then bumping into some nasty Hutts.

Meanwhile, Han and Leia have their hands with the woman claiming to be Han’s wife, Sana, and the fact that she seems very intent on claiming the Imperial bounty on the Princess’ head. But learning that Han is a wanted Rebel as well may change things…

Stormtroopers, lightsabers, TIE fighters, Han Solo, droids, Hutts, and revelations… this is my Star Wars.

That was a fun week, and a great list to get through… And I am loving the wealth of Star Wars titles right now. I’m sure at some point I may be tired of them, but right now, more, more, more as long as the level of art and storytelling remains as strong as it has been.

If you have a mo, make sure you pop into West End Comics, Kirk has been doing some reorganizing and designing, and it looks pretty sweet in there, and is filled with all manner of geeky goodness!





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