Toronto Youth Shorts 2015


One of the things I love most about Toronto is that it is rife with Film Festivals, there is always so much creativity and excitement to this town, and filmmakers from all over come to shoot here, and showcase their creations.

Well, here’s another cool one to check out!

Celebrating it’s 7th year, the Toronto Youth Shorts 2015 festival takes over Innis College, just off St. George tomorrow. Spotlighting 30 short films, that are broken into two distinct programmes, What We Were, What We Will Be and Who We Are, the festival showcases talent behind and in front of the camera as independent filmmakers, film students, and high school students put their creative urges to work. Running the gamut of animation, documentary, thriller, comedy, action, horror and sci-fi, there is bound to be something here for everyone.

Things get under way at 2:30 with the first programme, What We Were, What We Will Be. This collection of shorts explores the idea of how our past affects our future, and finishes around 5pm. This is followed by an hour break, and a chance for the filmmakers to interact with the media on hand to cover their films, with the second collection Who We Are, focusing on female characters and their everyday challenges and struggles, starts screening at 6, followed immediately by the festival’s award gala at 8:30.

From the clips and pieces I’ve seen so far, it looks like this will be a highly enjoyable event, and will no doubt introduce viewers to some new and up and coming filmmakers! Having perused the list, there are already a number of shorts I am excited about, and looking forward to seeing.

Have a look at their trailer below, and then head on over to buy your tickets here.





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