Issues Vol. 10


It was a quieter week at West End Comics for my pull list, but happily, Kirk had the first of my Orphan Black Funko figures! Hello Helena! So I dug into two issues of continuing storylines and one new title this week. And as always if you haven’t swung by, pop into West End Comics on Queen West and find something awesome!

Descender_05-1Descender (Image comics) issue 5. Story by Jeff Lemire, art by Dustin Nguyen and letters by Steve Wands. The little Tim-bot and his companions are captured by scrappers and delivered to the planet Gnish, where Quon is tortured for information on the Harvesters, and we learn a terrifying secret. Meanwhile Driller and Bandit end up in the bot pits fighting to survive! We get a look at the bigger universe and politics at work as well as the hint of a hidden robot network.

I was a little dubious of this one to start, I mean giant robots that just show up and wipe everything out, I dunno. But with the story that has sprung up around it, I am intrigued, and loving the watercolour style art that brings the images to life.

The world is expanding, we’re seeing a number of factions, each with their own motivations and plans at work in this universe, and the one thing I do know is that poor Tim-bot and his friends seem awfully small against all the trouble, hatred and fear that is out there and hunting them down!


AstronautsInTrouble02_900px_300_462Astronauts in Trouble (Image comics) issue 2. Written by Larry Young and art by Charlie Adlard with letters by Kyler Tanowitz. Kit and his news team recover after the explosion, while the colonel reveals they have a back-up plan. The Russian spy gets rumbled but things get messy as theta ray guns and revolvers come into play and our heroes are caught in the middle, documenting it all for channel 7 and history including a surprise translunar launch of the Russian spy can successfully steal the rocket.

This one is just one big long action sequence, and the last few pages, when the Colonel leaps aboard the rocket during lift-off, ripping an American flag, which clings to his back like a cape as he does, is just so ludicrous as to be insanely enjoyable.

The black and white style of the book is a little jarring, but somehow seems to serve the story, as I imagine that it’s black and white film the news team is shooting on. I love the tech we’re seeing, which has a fun Buck Rogers style to it, while still having a fairly serious story of spies, journalists and a race to the moon…


TheIsland_cvrIsland (Image comics) issue 1. Various artists and writers… This one is just kind of out there, and I’m reserving judgement on it. The book’s creators decided to craft a monthly magazine of sorts, showcasing a collection of different artists and tales, and so everything is going to feel a bit like a mixed bag with this one, and at the moment, I’m not sure I’m going to like it.

The final story in the issue, Dagger-Proof Mummy, I think, will be the one I enjoy most, the other stories just seem a little odd. Which can be a good thing.

In my chatting with Kirk before I left for the day, he talked how it reminded him a little of Heavy Metal, the idea of different artists coming together to share a universe and tell different stories. I’m a little unsure whether this is one I want to carry on with yet, as it may be just a little too far out there for me.

I do like the various art styles at play, but none of the stories really hooked me.

So what are you reading this week? And remember, swing by West End Comics for a recommendation, and if you’re not reading it (I just started with the gargantuan Book One – and I am taking my sweet time on it), Saga needs to find its way onto your lists!


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