Magnum, p.i. (1983) – Faith and Begorrah and Home From the Sea


It’s the day of the week that I love! It’s time for more Magnum, p.i. – this post sees the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4.

Faith and Begorrah was written by Bellisario and aired 28 April, 1983. Thomas (Tom Selleck) is hard at work on an infidelity case, hired by a boxer, Clarence (Lee Canalito) to find out, and get proof, if his wife, nicknamed Legs (Teri Ann Linn), is cheating on him. This storyline proves entertaining enough, as Clarence is not anything like his persona presents itself, much to Magnum’s and T.C.’s (Roger E. Mosley) and shock, and there’s a kick for Rick (Larry Manetti) at the end of the episode.

While he’s working on the case, he comes across an Irish priest, pursuing a Brigadier (Richard Johnson) whom the priest believes stole a holy relic from his Irish church during a search for IRA weapons. He’s stunned to learn that the priest, Paddy McGuinness (John Hillerman), is Higgins (Hillerman) half-brother, much like Elmo (also Hillerman).

Higgins is less than pleased to learn that Paddy is in the islands, but at Magnum’s urging goes to see him and attempts to mend some bridges, make a connection, and invite him to stay at the Estate while he’s in Hawaii.

Surprise, surprise, Higgins’ old CO is the Brigdier, so who actually stole the relic?

The events get resolved, happily for everyone!

I love that Hawaii stands in for Ireland, and that we learn that there is still one more half-brother out there for Higgins somewhere. And watch for a cameo from Bellisario himself, he plays a desk clerk in a hotel.


Season 4 got underway with the episode, Home From the Sea on 29 September, 1983 in this episode written once again by Bellisario. It is actually a great, surprisingly low-key episode.

Thomas always spends July 4th alone, and usually out on the water, and in this episode we learn why. Magnum is out on his surf ski, but it’s capsized and lost when a couple of revellers accidentally run him down, and leave him alone in the ocean, caught in a current dragging him further away from land, and trying to stay afloat by threading water.

Rick, T.C. and Higgins all feel that there is something drastically wrong, but can’t quite put their finger on what it is, but soon find themselves mobilized to search for their friend who is facing exhaustion, and danger from circling sharks.

While Thomas struggles to stay afloat, we get to see flashbacks to his childhood, with his father (Robert Pine) and his mother (Susan Blanchard) encouraging him in his water activities, and his father’s request to look after his mother, while Magnum senior goes to war.

It does a lot to re-establish Magnum’s character in the season opener, we see where his drive comes from, his stubbornness, and his desire to help and do right. It’s actually a very well crafted episode, giving flashbacks to his time in ‘Nam, his marriage to Michelle (Marta DuBois), and the relationships he has with his friends.

And we also get some overtures from Agatha (Gillian Dobb) toward Higgins, who, for the moment, is oblivious.

Season 4 is going to be so much fun!



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