Fringe Toronto: Caws and Effect


Being presented at the Factory Theatre is this singularly stunning piece combining music, masks, puppetry and layered projections.

Chloe Ziner and Jessica Gabriel, known collectively as Mind of a Snail Puppet Company, from Vancouver, provided one of the most unique and beautiful shows on offer at this year’s festival. Assuming the personalities of two crows, the two performers in masks, and suitably raven-esque garb, wing onto the stage and via projection, original music, delightfully impressionist art, and sheer creativity, draw the audience into an amazing experience.

We follow the crows through loss and joy, dreams and death, all counterpointed with delightful word plays, and gentle puns, drawing the audience in equally with humor and imagery.

Caws and Effect is an absolutely engrossing show that brings to believable life, the story of two crows, and the world they live in.

More than once I was stunned at the images these two women had come up with, marveling at the design, drawings, and sheer creativity that was required to come up with something that flowed so gorgeously across the screen and along the walls of the theatre.

It’s a combination of art and performance, and to simply call it beautiful doesn’t do the show, or its creators the justice it deserves, but I was nothing short of stunned by what they had done, and how they had brought it to life.

I found my attention drawn to not only the story, but to the way it was created and how Ziner and Gabriel put it together, and for me that is the highest compliment, I was driven to learn how it was done, watching the images from projectors combine to form a new image, the way an earth worm moved through it’s tunnels, the way electrical generators showered sparks, and how fish swam in a watery river.

For sheer beauty of the experience, this one is so worth getting out to see!

You can see this one Sunday the 5th, Tuesday the 7th, Wednesday the 8th, Friday the 10th and Sunday the 12th. Get your tickets right here.

What have you seen and loved so far?



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