Fringe Toronto: Sizzle and Spin


Playwright Sandra Cardinal put her cast, the Plan a Theatre Company, through their paces last night with a delightful romantic comedy that toyed with role reversals, second chances, family, and a completely believable love story at its heart.

The stage of the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse served as the window into the lives of Charlotte (masterfully played by Lena Maripuu – honestly, this was a standout performance, both truthful, and funny), her sister Joanna (director Kitti Laki who steals every moment she’s in!), their structured, organized and interfering mother (Sandra Cardinal) and old schoolmate, ex-boyfriend, and job rival, Ethan Potter (Johnathon Lovett).

Prepping for a job interview, Charlotte and Ethan bump into one another after a number of years, in the office of Ryan Delaurier (Christina Song). We sit in on both of their interviews, Ethan willing to play ball with his new boss, seemingly sure of himself, and even a little receptive to the harassment he receives. While Charlotte’s honesty, and belief in the truth (honestly, this was my favorite aspect of her character) puts her at unsure odds with Ryan, and leaves both her and Ethan wondering about the outcome of the job opportunity.

It also serves as a chance for them to reconnect, and perhaps, pursue a relationship that got away from them once before.

But when the job offer comes in, who will get it, who will leave, and will the new couple still have a chance together?

Filled with wonderfully real moments that resonate thanks to the performances of Maripuu and Lovett, this one completely captivated me, and it’s 60 minute run seemed to pass far too quickly, but the story ends at the perfect moment.

If there’s a ‘date’ piece to see at Fringe this year, this one is probably it. Highly enjoyable, great dialogue, and fantastic performances.

Sizzle and Spin has performances on Saturday July 4, Monday July 6, Wednesday July 8, Friday July 10, Saturday July 11 and Sunday July 12. Get times and tickets here. Then let me know what you think of it!!



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