The Greatest American Hero (1982) – A Chicken in Every Plot & The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea


This week’s installment sees Ralph (William Katt), Bill (Robert Culp) and Pam (Connie Sellecca) in the Virgin Islands taking on voodoo and sea monsters!! If that doesn’t tell you that stories are getting a little goofier, I’m not sure what else will.

First up is A Chicken in Every Plot, aired 17 February, 1982 and was written by Danny Lee Cole and J. Duncan Ray. Our trio, along with Rhonda (Faye Grant), Tony (Michael Pare), Paco (Don Cervantes) and Cyler (Jesse D. Goins) arrive in St. Pierre. I don’t know how the kids got their parents to sign off on this trip!

Bill has helped finance the trip, with Pam mediating, so that he and Ralph could do some salvage on a ship that a friend of his found. This same friend is now missing, presumed dead, and hos home is littered in sigils and omens dabbed in blood.

Shortly after arriving our poor group is targeted because of their investigations, and more than one voodoo doll makes its appearance as Ralph and Bill try to sort things out.

The further they investigate the more they find, and it seems that the boat that they were meant to salvage belonged to the president, now deceased, and replaced with a bit more of a sadistic, tyrannical rule.

But they may have tangled with the wrong FBI agent and superhero once our boys figure out what is going on!

It also sets up the next episode, by Bill chatting with the kids and Ralph about how they still have a couple of weeks to bum around the islands…


Which leads us to The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, which aired 24 February 1982. This one was penned by Frank Lupo.

While the kids are earning their way by performing as L.A. Freeway, poolside, and Tony serves drinks, Ralph has become obsessed with exploring the fabled Devil’s Triangle, and believes that the cause of the many disappearing ships is a plesiosaur, which he nicknames Carrie (for Caribbean).

When a survivor from a pirate attack washes ashore telling tales of the monster, Ralph calls Bill to join them again, and bring the jammies (wouldn’t Ralph have just kept them in his suitcase just in case?).

Bill is furious to learn he’s been called to hunt down make-believe monsters, instead of what he thought would be a big smuggling/piracy ring.

As they continue their investigation, coming from the problem at both ends, Ralph hoping for the monster, and Bill hoping for baddies, it ends up turning out that they both might be right, as they learn that a corrupt warden, Devereaux (Jeremy Kemp), is running pirates.

But the ship Ralph is investigating is covered in seaweed from the ocean floor… too deep for any human to get to…

Of course with an actual baddie, Bill is delighted to bust the warden, and Ralph is left wondering about the truth of Carrie, which the viewer gets a look at, in the form of a ridiculous plastic head, just as the episode closes…

Believe it or not.




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