Park City (2015) – Hannah Rosner


Available now on iTunes is this delightful, and frequently hilarious film, shot in the mockumentary style about a group of young artists who have just finished their latest indie feature, Hearts and Cash, and are beyond delighted to learn that their film has been selected to screen at Sundance. But being young, and struggling artists they have to make ends meet however they can, so instead of splashy hotel rooms and quick flights, they have to use couch-surfer and their Prius to get to Park City.  What follows is their misadventures at the film festival and one long drunken night, as nothing  is going to stop them from having a good time. However, as the foursome celebrate their lives, their creativity, their love of film, and the fact that they are at Sundance, they realize that somewhere along the way, their only copy of their film has gone missing…

Hannah Rosner who developed the story with Julia Turner, also directs this indie film, crafting a film that finds its comedic moments in its characters and their interactions not from contrived situations. She also, ably, takes on the role of Hannah, the smart, on-point, ever-organized producer of Hearts and Cash.

Joining her on-screen is Joey (Joseph Mireles) the director and artist behind Hearts and Cash, Dave (David Hoffman), the MILF-fixated production assistant, who is Joey’s best friend, and a little vacuous in the most delightful ways (he also gets some of the best pieces of dialogue and throwaway lines), and then there is the film’s prima donna actress, Jill (Jill Evyn), who isn’t above a little seduction to get you to come to the screening, but is more focussed on not letting her cat out of the bag (not a euphemism).


As they retrace their steps in an attempt to find their film as the screening time draws nearer, we travel with them through Variety interviews, through a blur of drinks and snacks-filled showers, we get a look at a group filmmakers who seem out of their depth in what used to be the biggest Indie film festival but is now just another Hollywood launch platform.

Rosner and her crew have crafted a great little film filled with a fun and joyous energy with some of brilliantly funny throwaway lines – honestly, I had to pause the film more than once, rewind a touch, as I had missed dialogue as I was laughing so hard. This is definitely one to watch for fans of film, or just smart comedies, I guarantee you will be entertained. Yes, it’s a smaller budget film, but they make use of every resource they have, and it’s one of those films that you can tell, the entire budget is on the screen, it’s a film made with love and joy, and that enthusiasm surpasses the low-budget constraints, and emerges as a comedic gem.

I personally cannot wait to see what Rosner comes up with next, and in the interim, I may just watch this one again…

Park City is available on iTunes – have a look and let me know what you think.










A combination of a love of film, young creators and just fun while skewering the industry

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