Airwolf (1986) – Hawke’s Run, Break-In at Santa Paula and The Girl Who Fell From the Sky


We come to the end of Airwolf this week (there’s a couple of episodes missing from Netflix, so these are the last three for review), and it’s time to say goodbye to Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent), Dominic Santini (Ernest Borgnine) and Caitlin O’Shannessey (Jean Bruce Scott) before we return to Hawaii and resume our run with Magnum.

Hawke’s Run, which aired 15 February, 1986 and was written by B.W. Sandefur, is a fun take on the wrong man/wrong place story. Ray Wise plays an enemy agent, who assassinates one of Hawke’s friends. It seems the man was a weapons manufacturer and a double agent. He’s passed on top-secret info to Hawke without him knowing it, and now he’s being pursued by foreign nationals, as well as agents from the FIRM, and he’s not quite sure which way to turn.

Cut off from Dom and Caitlin, and wounded, he can only rely on a young woman named Marilyn (Wendy Schaal) for help, as the two attempt to elude the pursuers and find a way out of the mess they’ve found themselves in.


Break-In at Santa Paula aired on 22 February, 1986 and was penned by Edward J. Lakso.

Hawke is asked by Eleanor (Jane Merrow),the widow of an old friend to rescue her son, Terry (Tony O’Dell) from a Central American prison where he’s being held on trumped-up charges and the authorities are blackmailing Eleanor into using her company to ferry drugs, something she refuses to do. So it’s up to String, Dom, Caitlin and the Lady to find a way to bust Terry out of the prison.

Things take a turn for the worse when during the attempt, Hawke leaves Airwolf, and is in turn captured by the prison guards. Now, it’s all on Dom and Caitlin, who enter the prison as a padre and nun to inform Hawke of the plan, to rescue Hawke and Terry.

Borgnine and Scott are a lot of fun to watch together, and seeing them both in disguise, playing up accents, made for a fun sequence.


And then, we come to the last episode available to watch, The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, which had an airdate of 15 March, 1986, and was written by B.W. Sandefur. It also features Bond Girl Kristina Wayborn from Octopussy as the female guest star.

When a girl is dumped from a helicopter into the lake near String’s cabin, he rescues her and gets her to a local hospital. But the woman (Wayborn) has no memory of who she is, and how she got there. Hawke turns to Archangel (Alex Cord) for help in identifying her, but in the interim are on the run both from the police, and from the killers, who want to make sure that she stays dead this time.

Archangel’s report back to Hawke is less than pleasing, it suggests that the woman, may be a high-class prostitute with a bit of a drug habit, but that doesn’t ring true for either Hawke or the woman. As they investigate they come across a senator, whom she was having a romantic relationship with, and learn her real name is Dawn, and an arms dealer trying to sell a weaponized chopper. Apparently Dawn overheard too much between the dealer and senator, and they created a fake file on her, wiped her mind chemically, and left her for dead.

But now that the truth is out, Airwolf is taking to the air, and is going to take down that chopper!!!

I’ll miss Sylvester Levay’s theme music, but it’s time to return to Hawaii and leave Airwolf behind…









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