Veep: Season 3


Also available from HBO today, is the third season of their critically acclaimed, and award-winning White House comedy series, Veep. Julia Loius-Drefus, who has won an Emmy for her performance in each season, is Vice President Selina Meyer. And considering my love of the Sorkin series The West Wing, I should have been watching this series from the get-go, but now, I have another show to go back and check out.

This season sees Selina, and her team, Amy (Anna Chlumsky), Mike (Matt Walsh), Gary (Tony Hale), Dan (Reid Scott), Kent (Gary Cole), Ben (Kevin Dunn), and Sue (Sufe Bradshaw), gearing up for a run at the Presidency. But with an out-of-sorts (and possibly a little out-of-his-mind) media reporter, Jonah (Timothy Simons) causing problems, not to mention all the politics and personal foibles occurring around them, it may be a tougher race than they imagined.

Louis-Dreyfuss has thrown herself completely into this part, and I’ve never seen her better (sorry Seinfeld fans – she really shines here). I can’t rave enough about Louis-Dreyfuss, she is nothing short of fantastic in this role, playing it pitch perfect, and it offers us a fictional look at the life behind the office, that I honestly can’t seem to get enough of.

Amy and Dan compete for the position of Campaign Manager as everyone deals with less than helpful volunteers, some stodgy old senators, international incidents, artificial insemination, the ongoing political battles with abortion and gun control, and an ever-present, hawk-eyed media. Laughs abound, and like in my previous review, it’s not about the witty one-liners though there are aplenty, it’s about the situations the characters find themselves in.

Selina signs her book

The 10 episode season sees Meyer debate her competitors, visiting gun shows, promising jobs, and drinking in a pub in England, all while those around her try to find the perfect balance to woo as many voters as possible. Wardrobe malfunctions, gaffes, off and on the record comments, it’s all here.

I don’t want to give away anymore than that, because there are so many hilarious moments, so many bon mots, and so many fantastic performances that I really don’t want to spoil them for you if you’ve never seen the show. Instead, do yourself the favor, get out there, pick it up, and enjoy. Then, if like me you haven’t seen them yet, go back and check out the previous two seasons. I’m moving this show to the top of my list to catch up.

Beautifully and sharply written, perfectly delivered, and wonderfully shot, Veep is yet another triumph for HBO, and it looks gorgeous on Blu-Ray (which of course comes with the now, seemingly pre-requisite, digital copy). There are a few commentaries, a few glances behind the scenes, but the rest of the gold is right there in the episodes. Again this is something you can watch in a sitting or two, in time for the season 4 premiere (April 12), but much like Silicon Valley, you’ll only find yourself craving more!

Veep: Season 3 is available today from HBO! Check it out!!




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