The Cocksure Lads Movie (2014) – Murray Foster 


From the 25 to the 28th, The Royal Cinema on College St is playing host to The Canadian Film Fest. A festival intent on showcasing and promoting Canadian film.

It starts off this evening  at 6:45, with a delightfully retro-pop confection; a musical comedy from Great Big Sea’s Murray Foster. The Cocksure Lads, Dusty (Lyndon Ogbourne), Blake (Edward Hillier), Reg (Adam McNab) and Derek (Luke Marty are going to be the next big thing from England, they’re charming, they’re good-looking, their van belt out catchy tunes… despite their rather intentionally, iffy lyrics.

They are setting out to conquer America, sorry, Canada, with their first stop here in TO. Unfortunately, no sooner do they arrive, however, than they break up. As the lads amble through Toronto, lost and upset, and in search of a tub, they come stumble into misadventures, love, discoveries, re-discoveries, and a pair of dullard enemies.

Equal parts A Hard Day’s Night and That Thing You Do! with a Canadian tint, Foster has crafted a fun, enjoyable film, with catchy tunes, and a fantastic vibe to it. He ably directs his cast and has filled his film with incredibly likable performer.  This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, and with its pop style and sensibilities, it practically leaps off the screen and dances in the aisles.

I can think of no better film this year to launch the film fest, than this delightful film. Check it out tonight and let me know what you think!

You can pick up your tickets for this and other Canadian Film Fest features here.





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