Airwolf (1985) – Crossover and Kingdom Come


More high-flying action this week as Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent) flies Airwolf into more danger!

First up is Crossover, written by Elliot West and airing 26 October, 1985, this episode sees String working alone to bring a father daughter team over from Czechoslovakia, to the U.S. through Mexico. The pair are defecting and have a slew of technical secrets. For some reason, the chopper isn’t being used, and String picks them up in a vehicle that is promptly ambushed, sending String and Inga (Isa Jank) on the run, when her father is killed.

While Michael ‘Archangel’ (Alex Cord) believes that everyone is dead when he receives word of the attack, Dom (Ernest Borgnine) and Caitlin (Jean Bruce Scott) refuse to believe that String is gone. The pair take off in the supetcopter, and arrive just in time to rescue String and Inga!

Back in the States, Inga is now no longer sure she wants to go through with her defection, it’s already cost her a country and a father, so String spirits her away to his mountain cabin, and we get a brief romantic montage put together to the strains of a truly horrid cover of Foreigner’s I Want to Know What Love Is.

When they are forced to go on the run again, after their location is inadvertently blown, String delivers Inga to a friend of hers, Garrett Colsen (Arthur Rosenberg). Unfortunately for our heroes, he`s KGB, and is going to return her to the Soviet state… unless Airwolf can stop them by taking on a nuclear submarine!


The next episode, Kingdom Come, originally aired 2 November, 1985, and was written by Rick Kelbaugh and Michael Halperin.

Sawyer (Stephen Parr), is an ex-Firm agent, working security for a private contractor. He`s brought to Archangel`s and String`s attention when the company is broken into and nuclear detonators have been stolen. String and the gang investigate, while Sawyer begins to woo and romance Caitlin.

Unfortunately, Sawyer is the one behind it all, and his overtures to Caitlin are all part and parcel of a larger plan, which proves to be very unfortunate for Caitlin as she was beginning to seriously fall for the man. the revelation, and the sting of betrayal hurts her terribly, when the façade falls away, and he takes her prisoner.

Sawyer`s plan is to hold her captive, threatening to use one of the detonators to take her and the surrounding area to kingdom come unless String flies the detonators in Airwolf to locations he decides. While Archangel hunts Caitlin down, String and Dom fly Sawyer to his location.

When word arrives that Caitlin is in the clear, just barely, String takes the fight to Sawyer and his flight of bombers, saving the world once again!




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