Canadian Screen Awards 2015: Gala 1


Last night’s event, hosted by the very funny Darrin Rose, who was quite happy to take hilarious shots at any and everyone, and made sure things moved along smoothly as awards were delivered for News, Sports, Documentary, Lifestyle, Reality and Digital Media.

Put another way, it was an evening of pretty damned good voices, as announcers, newscasters, sportscasters and show hosts got together to celebrate the industry.


Held at the gorgeous Sheraton Centre Hotel, there was glitz and glamour everywhere as the giants of the broadcast industry pow-wowed, shared stories, laughs and drinks. Sue and I, dealing more in the world of fiction in terms of Canadian Screen, i.e. Orphan Black, Seed, Continuum, didn’t know or recognize quite so many people as usual.

I did get a chance to bump into the brilliantly clever, and very funny…


Peter Keleghan!

So Sue and I quite happily watched our colleagues work, made our notes, prepped for this evening…


maintained out ongoing Twitter feed (#CDNScreen15), and of course had a great time getting a behind the scenes look at how all these things come together!

We’re quite looking forward to tonight’s event, a lot friends, and yes even some family will be there, so we’re gonna dig in, tweet, pic, and make ourselves generally awesome as we bring our unique style to the Canadian Screen Awards where the goal of interviews seems to be to make our guest laugh, and be louder than every other interview going on…

Stay tuned!



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