Airwolf (1984) – The Hunted and Sins of the Past


There’s trouble enough for everyone in this week’s double episode installment of Airwolf!

First up is The Hunted, written by Chester Krumholz, which aired 20 October, 1984. Gregg Henry guest stars as Robert Villers, a dangerous assassin who has his eye on Carter Andereson III (Joseph Chapman).

Anderson has hired String (Jan-Michael Vincent), Dom (Ernest Borgnine) and Caitlin (Jean Bruce Scott) to protect him in the air while he travels. At the same time, Caitlin is still trying to prove to String and Dom that she really does know they have the supercopter, and really wants to see it.

Caitlin is prepping to start full-time at Santini air, but is already asking for time off to spend with a new man who has come into her life. Unbeknownst to her, the man she is having romantic overtures with is Villers, and is only using her to learn Anderson’s movements and hunt him down with his Corsair.

Villers attempts to shoot down Anderson’s plane, being piloted by Caitlin, but Hawke and Dom show up in Airwolf, drawing the assassin off and into a dangerous dogfight.

Gregg Henry is an actor I always delight in seeing pop up in film and television, and no matter if he’s a good guy or bad guy, he always has a fun edge to him, and this time around he has a wicked plane as well.

On the helicopter front, Hawke seems to tease Caitlin endlessly about the possibility of Airwolf existing and that he and Dom are in possession of it.


Sins of the Past puts Dom in a terrible place as he’s accused of murder, and loses someone important to him. This episode has a teleplay by Westbrook Claridge, with a story created by Claridge, Taenha Goodrich and Jake West. It originally screened 27 October, 1984.

Hawke and Dom travel to an island that is Dom’s place of birth. They are on their way there because Dom’s daughter has overdosed and died. The fact that he even had a family is a stunning blow to String, but they race across the ocean with Airwolf so that Dom can attend the funeral.

While there, Dom’s rocky relationship with his ex-wife, Lylah Santini (Diane McBain) is revealed, and makes him the prime suspect when she ends up murdered. Dom is arrested and jailed, with Michael (Alex Cord) telling Hawke that The Firm can do nothing to help.

So String takes the investigation into his own hands, and learns that the owner of a casino, Jason Darius (Brett Halsey) may in fact had motive not only to kill Lylah, but may have had his hand in the death of Dominic’s daughter.

Once String pushes one of the local cops to actually stand up to the casino owner, who seems to be well on his way to owning the entire island, he brings Airwolf into action, and as the locals cheer, he takes the casino apart.

I don’t think enough time is spend with Dom to show how rough a time he’s having over the loss of his daughter and the murder of his ex-wife. Instead, the story mainly serves to let String run around, get his hands dirty and blow stuff up with the supercopter…

Let’s see what happens next week!




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