Magnum p.i. (1982) – Double Jeopardy and The Last Page


Thomas (Tom Selleck) meets one of his screen crushes when a film, Tahiti Kill, based on one of Robin Masters’ bestsellers is doing some shooting on the estate in the first episode this week, Double Jeopardy. It was written by Reuben Leder, Babs Greyhosky and Bill Taub, and aired 25 February, 1982.

When Higgins (John Hillerman) volunteers Magnum’s services as a stuntman for Jack Martin (Larry Pennell), Magnum balks, but when he finds out that he’ll get to work with his on-screen crush, and Martin’s wife, Olivia Ross (Dana Wynter) he reconsiders.

It ends up being fortunate he’s around, because, in what seems like a freak accident, a prop gun is misplaced, and a real gun is used in a sequence, which sees Martin getting shot, and left in critical condition.

While T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) allows his helicopter to help with camera shots, and Rick (Larry Manetti) hopes to make it big with a role in the film, Tom begins to look into the shooting, and is trying to figure if it was deliberate or not. And just as importantly, is there a motive?

This one is a bit slower than other episodes, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable, especially when the Thomas, Rick and T.C. share there scenes.

There are a lot of comedic moments, and the story works really well, the only thing I didn’t buy completely into was the little crush story Thomas has with Olivia.

Still, awesomeness abounds, and it’s always fun to hang with the boys on the island. And Tananka (Kwan Hi Lim) makes an appearance as well!


The Last Page was written by Andrew Schneider and aired 4 March, 1982. This one showed that Vietnam is still very much with out heroes.

Thomas is hired by Taylor Hurst (Robert F. Lyons) to find his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Tom learns almost too late that Hurst is lying to him. He is using Thomas to track down the girl, who is in fact in a relationship with his actual target.

Hurst was a loyal friend and ally to Lt. Ed Kanfer (James Edgcomb) , while they were both in country, but when Kanfer was killed in a not-exactly friendly fire incident, Hurst was determined to set things right once and for all, and he is planning to exact revenge on the person responsible for his friend’s death.

Thomas, with the aid of T.C race to stop the revenge attempt, especially when they learn that the target, Kam Chong (Kam Fung), who is now a high-level drug dealer, is meeting with Higgins about membership in the King Kamehameha Club.

Unfortunately, events end tragically, though Higgins is saved. I like that not all the episodes end up with happy endings, and that past events, not always the war, end up haunting and impacting our characters’ actions.

It was also very cool to see Joanna Kerns in a guest role, as Hurst’s widowed wife, Mary.

Aloha until next time!





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