Magnum p.i. (1982) – One More Summer and Texas Lightning


It’s back to Hawaii for more fun with Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck) and the gang.

First up is One More Summer, which aired 11 February, 1982, and was written by Reuben Leder and Del Reisman.

When a pro team arrives in Honolulu to train, an old friend from Thomas’ Navy football days reaches out to him. His friend Dorsey (David Wilson) believes that someone is out to kill him, and to keep Magnum close, he gets him onto the team as a free agent walk-on. Thomas rather enjoys the opportunity to get back on the field, but has a hard time sorting out who could be after Dorsey, as he’s a bit of a womanizer, not the friendliest guy, and he may be a bit of a drunk and juicer.

But it seems that one of the team’s owners, Eleanor Greeley (Louise Sorel) along with the team’s doctor may have an ulterior motive for keeping Dorsey in the game, at least until they can cash in on the insurance that Dorsey’s arm is covered for, while they’ve been giving him painkillers instead of fixing his arm. Throw in a young kid with a psychotic tendencies and you’ve got a dangerous mix.

The b-story centers on Thomas having to move off the estate while he covers the case, and Higgins (John Hillerman) tries to deal with it. There’s a rather lonely pull back shot that shows Higgins and the lads alone on the estate, and you know that he’s just so bored without Thomas there.


The second episode Texas Lightning was written by Robert Hamilton, it originally aired on the 18th of February, 1982. It’s Thomas’ birthday, and there have got to be better ways to be spending it than what happens to him in this episode.

He gets hired by Jeannie Lowry or ‘JL’ (Julie Sommars) to be her bodyguard while she sits in on a high-stakes poker game.

Things go wrong, hoewver, when JL is caight going through the host’s safe. They escape via a small launch, but when wreckage is found, he is believed to be dead, and his friends mourn him. Rick (Larry Manetti), Higgins and T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) get drunk, but also cling to the hope that he may still be out there.

JL and Thomas end up on a small deserted island, trying to survive, while she tries to convince him that she’s working for a government agency; he just can’t take it seriously.

But when he learns more about a missing micro film about stealth technology, he starts to believe her, but is she necessarily on his side?

Meanwhile the trio are searching full-out for Thomas, but what will Higgins say when he sees what Magnum had to do to one of Robin’s many tuxedos?

Certainly not the best way to spend a birthday.

Poor Thomas.

Until next week, aloha!







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