Doctor Who (Patrick Troughton) – The Moonbase


The Doctor (Troughton) encounters the Cybermen for the second time, when the TARDIS lands on the earth’s moon. This story was written by Kit Pedler and aired in four parts from 11 February to 4 March, 1967.

Arriving in the year 2070, the TARDIS lands on the moon, and there’s a fun sequence, that only exists in pics and audio recordings that features the Doctor, Ben (Michael Craze), Polly (Anneke Wills) and Jamie (Frazer Hines) leaping about on the surface in their spacesuits, before they arrive at a moonbase that helps control the weather on Earth.

It seems our heroes have arrived just in time, as it seems a deadly epidemic is sweeping the base, and even causes Jamie to fall into a delirious state. As the Doctor investigates, he learns there is actually something more insidious going on than a virulent plague. It seems this is the first move in a new attack from the redesigned and dangerous Cybermen!

It’s fun to seem them come back already, and everyone seems to be commenting on how they could possibly have survived from the last encounter. But they have, they’ve upgraded, and they are definitely a little more evil-looking than their first incarnation.


This story rockets along, and I greatly enjoyed it, there’s some spookiness involved when the Cybermen make their appearance, especially the reveal in the hospital room. That one I am sure sent kids scrambling behind the couch! Of course the Doctor saves the day, and watching him do it, is really becoming a joy, Troughton is so much fun to watch!

Using a Gravitron, the Doctor helps the folks of the moonbase ward off their cybernetic attackers, but even the Doctor suspects they haven’t seen the last of their silver enemies… who recognized the Doctor, despite their upgrade, and his regeneration!

I am truly loving Troughton’s run as the Doctor, and cannot wait to get further along in his run when whole stories will exist in video format, as opposed to just audio and pictures, he brings so much life to the role in a completely new way, and you can see how he influenced later Doctors, including some of our more recent incarnations.

And so far, his stories have been fairly engaging, even when I can’t actually see the characters moving and interacting with one another, so that’s a good sign too!

I am loving my time in the TARDIS and so glad I have so many stories to go!!! So many places to see, and I will RUN!






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