Airwolf (1984) – Mad Over Miami & And They Are Us


Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent) and Dominic Santini (Ernest Borgnine) get into trouble this week as Airwolf takes to the skies!

Mad Over Miami was written by Joseph Gunn and aired 24 March, 1984. Dom is out on his own, flying a ransom to recover a couple of political prisoners in Cuba. Things go wrong for him, when the money is heisted during the transaction, and he is forced to land to avoid a hurricane.

String goes after him in Airwolf, and the two of them become involved in trying to rescue the political prisoners, but things take a turn for the complex when the paramilitary group that stole the cash during the first transaction may be getting their supplies and armaments from Archangel (Alex Cord).

David Hemmings who played the villain in the pilot is behind the camera for this episode, as he puts our heroes through their paces.

One of the things I do like about this series so far, is that it isn’t to muddy the political waters, and make things a little grey instead of keeping the white and black hats completely separated. Of course, String and Dom are above reproach, because they are the heroes, but everyone else around them seems able to shift with the wind if they have to.

I like that in a series, because it makes for tension, and you’re never quite sure whether or not you should entirely trust the supporting characters.


In They Are Us, written and directed by Nicholas Corea, and originally aired 31 March, 1984, the supercopter is off to Africa to follow-up on a lead to String’s MIA brother St. John, and our heroes find themselves in a conflict between North and South Limbawe.

Hawke and Dom are initially reticent to become involved in the affair, but when it’s revealed that String’s old commander, Colonel Martin James Vidor (Christopher Stone) is flying for General Butami (recognizable face, Grand L. Bush), and was there when St. John went down in Vietnam, Hawke agrees.

Of course, they find themselves on opposing sides. Hawke and Dom are there to aid the President, Logana (Raymond St. Jacques) and his wife, Lea (Berlinda Tolbert), and everything comes down to Hawke and Vidor squaring off against one another in their respective helicopters.

Sadly, here is where we get recycled footage, and it seems weird to me that all the bad guys who have confronted Airwolf through the course of the season so far all fly the exact same time of helicopter, which Airwolf easily outmatches.


It is not, however, dimming my enjoyment of the series so far!

And just as Vidor goes down, he hits String with a revelation that may or may not be true!!! And we may never know…

Man, I really am enjoying this show!



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