Doctor Who (William Hartnell) – Mission to the Unknown

This is the first episode of the entire series of Doctor Who not to feature the Doctor (Hartnell) or any of his companions. It was a single episode story, that originally aired 9 October, 1965, and was written by Terry Nation.

Also known as the Dalek Cutaway, this short, stand alone episode sets up the return of the Dalek’s in the forthcoming episode, The Daleks’ Master Plan.

On the distant planet of Kembel, a crashed ship, carrying Space Security Service agent Marc Corey (Edward de Souza) is hip deep in trouble. One of his crew has been stung by a deadly plant, a varga, which is only found on one planet, Skaro. Corey deduces, quite rightly, that if the plant is there, the Daleks must be as well.

The Daleks are nearby, working with representatives from the seven galaxies to discuss, and eliminate the growing threat that is human life.

Working to get his ship repaired, Corey knows he is running out of time, and as members of his crew fall to the Varga plant, he realizes his life may be forfeit, and comes up with the plan to send a small rocket carrying a message, and a warning.

Before he gets a chance to send it however, the Daleks discover his position, and he is exterminated, leaving the rocket and the message untouched, and no doubt will be found by the Doctor when he arrives there… which I’m assuming will happen in the upcoming tale following the next adventure, The Myth Makers.

Like the episode before it, this is a tough watch, as it only exists in a reconstruction using photos and audio recording.

As mentioned previously, this is going to be a really tough season to get through, since most of it is reconstruction, but I am liking catching up on all these stories I’ve never been exposed to before, and seeing them in the context of the whole Who-niverse now.

The adventures continue next week when the Doctor and company arrive in ancient Greece and will see the departure of another companion!


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