Tales of the Gold Monkey (1982/1983) – The Late of Sarah White & The Sultan of Swat

Gold Monkey

Jake Cutter (Stephen Collins) flies into more danger with this week’s installment. The first episode, The Late Sarah White, aired 22 December, 1982, and was written by Bellisario, George Geiger, Mary Ann Kasica and Michael Scheff.

When a telegram from the Phillipines arrives in the Monkey Bar, Jake, Corky (Jeff MacKay), Louie (Roddy McDowall) and company are stunned to learn of Sarah’s (Caitlin O’Heaney) death. But neither Jake, nor one-eyed dog Jack (who is suffering from ‘allergies’ in this episode) believe she’s actually dead.

Flying the 3000+ miles, Jake, Corky and Jack intend to track down Sarah, worrying she’s not dead but in some serious trouble. As they start digging they find a dastardly plot, using a MacArthur imposter to stir up hate against the Americans, and a leak in the intelligence agency that Sarah works for.

Intent on discovering what is really going on, the group face down thugs, meet up with Princess Koji (Marta DuBois) and discovers the truth about what is really going on, as well as rediscovering Sarah, and the cause of Jack’s ‘allergies.’

A decidedly fun episode, that could have been rounded out a little more, but enjoyable nonetheless and a huge step-up from last week’s episode of The Lady and The Tiger!


The second episode, The Sultan of Swat, aired 5th of January, 1983 and was written by David G.B. Brown. This one, once again, goes a little darker than your usual episode. Gamble Rogers (John DiSanti), the Sultan of Swat, arrives in Bora Gora en route to a goodwill baseball tour of Japan. Jake is delighted, as Gamble is one of his heroes!

Gamble lives by three rules, Baseball, Booze and Broads.

During the course of the evening in the Monkey Bar, Gamble leaves with a young female islander, who is later discovered dead, after being sexually assaulted.

Jake refuses to believe that his idol can be capable of such a thing, and Jack, despite having taken a blow to the head, barks his agreement.

Unfortunately the girl’s father doesn’t believe him, and intends to exact his revenge on the ball player by stringing him up.

Jake has to find the real culprit, and clear Gamble’s name, but it may be too late!

Sarah is missing from this episode, which is too bad, as her reactions to the events may have made for some better drama in this story.

There are some lighter moments, some interaction with Reverend Tenboom (John Calvin), and some history from Jake about playing ball in Duluth, but overall this one plays darker because of the subject matter.

With these two episodes, we slide past the halfway mark of this too short-lived series, and are now sadly, racing to its conclusion.

It’s too bad, because the characters are starting to feel fleshed-out, within the confines of the world that has been created, and the series had shown it can do all manner of stories…

Cutter’s Goose will be back next week with two more episodes!!!




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