Battlestar Galactica (1978) – The Magnificent Warriors and The Young Lords


On this week’s Galactica double feature, we have another space-western, and a kids fighting the cylons tale.

In the first, The Magnificent Warriors, written by Glen A. Larson, a couple of agro-ships (footage of the spaceships in Silent Running) are destroyed in a cylon attack, with a third seriously compromised. Happily, there is a human outpost nearby on the planet Sectar.

Adama (Lorne Greene) comes up with plan of trading an energizer, one without colonial markings, for new seed and supplies. He recruits his son, Apollo (Richard Hatch) to find a suitable energizer somewhere in the fleet.

He does.

It’s owned by Siress Bellaby(Brett Somers) who has designs on Adama. She agrees to let them have the energizer, if he agrees to woo her. Apollo finds it all rather amusing, and Adama has no choice but to agree.

With Boxey (Noah Hathaway), Boomer (Herbert Jefferson, Jr.), Jolly (Tony Swartz) and Starbuck (Dirk Benedict) in tow, the trio head down to the planet.


I couldn’t help but grin when the small town they are going to is revealed… its name is Serenity, and it certainly looks like it may be in a bit of a valley :).

After learning that no one will trade with them thanks to the head of the town Bogan (Barry Nelson), Boomer and Starbuck are jumped on their way back to the landing sight, and everything is stolen.

Starbuck heads back into town, where he is unwittingly conned into becoming the town’s new constable, with the intention of fending off the alien Borays.

All of this while Bellaby is flirting with Adama, and he’s doing his best to appear friendly, while still keeping a safe distance via Apollo.

It’s camp and goofy, not quite so much as The Lost Warrior, but definitely fun. One is left to wonder how the cylons missed all these human outposts in their eradication of the colonies…


Bellisario directed and wrote (alongside Frank Lupo and Paul Playdon) this Starbuck-centric episode.

When Starbuck is forced to crash-land on the planet Attila, he finds himself caught up in a war between an IL series cylon named Specter with his cylon contingent and a group of children who are fighting to get their father (Bruce Glover) back from the tin-cans.

The oldest daughter, Miri (Audrey Landers), develops a crush on Starbuck, and is rather alarmed when her brother, Kyle (Charles Bloom) puts his plan into action: swap Starbuck for their father.


Starbuck attempts to convince them that the cylons will trick them, but it’s not until the trade goes afoul that they realize the Colonial warrior was right.

In the end, Starbuck helps the kids get their dad back, and Apollo and Boomer arrive just in time to see them win the day, and shake their head over the fact that apparently the only young woman on the planet has already fallen for their friend.

I remember this one very well, because after the original novel that adapted Saga of a Star World, this was the other Galactica book I owned, and read a couple of times… something else that may get a revisit in the near future.

Next time Lloyd Bridges arrives as Commander Cain in The Living Legend!!


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