Murdoch Mysteries S07E04 – Return of Sherlock Holmes


Gail Harvey returns to the director’s chair for this week’s episode, which sees the return of the character of David Kingsley (Andrew Gower), who due to a trauma, has taken on the persona of Sherlock Holmes to help him deal, and protect himself mentally.

He joins Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) in an investigation that weaves around a distillery, a murder, a young boy, and the other most famous detective.

This one was a gentle, enjoyable romp, with the hints of darker material just beneath the surface if you chose to dwell on them, especially where Kingsley was concerned. There’s a scene late in the episode where Murdoch plans to show the young boy, Ben McQueen (Christian Distefano) a facial reconstruction of a body that has been discovered, and Kingsley cautions against it, warning it may cause undue trauma, and you can see that he’s well aware that he’s been keeping his own trauma in check, he’s aware that he’s not really Holmes, but simply finding refuge in him. It’s a nicely created moment.

There’s also a great running bit following the Case of the Speckled Band, swamp adders, and how such a snake didn’t exist in India, that continues between Kingsley and young Ben.

After the week at Toronto After Dark, it was nice to just laze on the couch and enjoy some time with Murdoch, and unwind.

This was a great little episode, though I won’t lie, I’m quite looking forward to next week’s episode featuring what appear to be zombies!!!!

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays on CBC.

And come back tomorrow for our set visit report!!!


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