Sue’s Week In Television – Hits and Highlights


Rizzoli & Isles:  Season Three, Episode Six – Money Maker

This week’s episode had all the fun and heart that makes the series so awesome in general.  A rich guy’s body is found in a recycling bin, and he’s wearing a mask and cape, sending our two ladies (Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander) on an interesting quest to find his killer.  They are definitely out of their comfort zone in more ways than one, and there are more moments of awkward hilarity than I can possibly mention.  HUGE laughs from yours truly when Frost (Lee Thompson Young) was showing Frankie (Jordan Bridges) how to rap properly, too!

The heart, though, came shining through a TON in this episode in everything having to do with Maura’s dealings with her birth mother, Dr. Hope Martin (Sharon Lawrence) and half-sister, Cailin (Emilee Wallace).  It’s heart-breaking to watch them all grow closer while Maura keeps her true identity a secret, and then when the revelations start coming fast and furious throughout the episode, the emotional toil that final confrontation takes on all three characters was stunning to watch.  Amazingly done, and then they still managed to move back to a lighter tone in the dying moments of the episode as a whole, which I thought was also pretty incredible.  Overall, a very solid episode from one of my faves!

House of the Rising Son

The Originals:  Season One, Episode Two – House Of The Rising Son

Man, I am so far behind!  Just going to breeze through a couple of other highlights from last week, and start getting caught up oin this week!  Episode 2 of The Originals was just as awesome as the first.  We saw some history, and we saw what Klaus (Joseph Morgan) was up to with his erratic behaviour from the pilot.  He actually DOES have a plan, as it turns out!  And how creepy was that secret chick when she started using her powers?!


Face Off:  Season Five, Episode Nine – Mortal Sins

My man Tate won the spotlight challenge with this sick design based on Sloth (as in the deadly sin, not the cute slow-moving critter).  Frankie went home, which was sad, but most of the other designs were crazy good – it was hard to choose a favourite, really!


Person of Interest – Got to see the ladies all dolled up, and I really liked the main storyline, as well as seeing more of Bear bonding with Shaw (Sarah Shahi), which I loved!  Not to mention the return of Root (Amy Acker) in the B storyline…holy crap, that stressed me out!  So good!


Survivor – Caleb made the craziest move I’ve ever seen to stay in the game!  So glad it paid off for him!  Not sure how well it’ll go for his tribe for the rest of the competition, as they’ve now lost another strong player, but if he makes it to the merge somehow, he may have just bought himself some new allies.  Notes to Culpepper:  1 – you actually weren’t in the lead going into the puzzle part of the challenge, as you’d dumped a bunch of your stuff in the water on the way back.  THAT screwed up your lead.  2 – If you voted John off to keep him from transfering loyalty to Candice after the merge, then you can’t change your story suddenly to say that he was voted off because he had no loved one on the other side.  Your voting strategy – as far as keeping your tribe strong and maybe winning a challenge someday – sucks.  A lot.


Played – One of these weeks, I’ll get around to writing about how awesome Played is in more detail.  For now, though, all I can offer is a quick blurb about how we got to see the crew at work in a very tense situation this week, AND we got plenty of backstory that was relevant to the case, as opposed to extra info that the audience doesn’t really need yet.  It’s a testament to how well-written and incredibly acted this show is that I am already fully commited to taking a journey each week with these characters.  It has quickly rocketed up to favourite level with me, and thus far, it does not appear to be sliding down the ladder at all.  So so good!  Check it out before it gets too far ahead of you!


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