ToyCon – Burlington, September 8th, 2013


Sue and I have loved the ToyCon since our first visit earlier this year. You never know what you’re going to find, what magic and memory lurks in a bin or on a table just around the corner. So it was with great excitement that we piled into a car with our friends David and Nancy and headed to the Holiday Inn on South Service Road in Burlington.

Gathering up our passes, Sue and I dove into the two rooms, filled with uncountable, and no doubt untold treasures, and a hallway filled with Hot Wheels and action figures.

There were items that caught our attention right away, and even now I’m kicking myself in the butt for not picking up an original, pre-loved Kenner Millenium Falcon that looked to have everything with it, but for the satellite dish, for a whopping $15!!! I missed out, literally by minutes, but did pick up the Kenner diecast Falcon that I used to have as a kid.

I do love that ship!

We stumbled a long in a goofy, geeky daze, pointing things out, letting out little gasps of geekgasms and saw toys I didn’t even know existed, like Dune action figures!



Paul Atreides and a Sandworm, wow!!

How did those ones get by me? I mean it’s not my favorite movie, but I can’t believe that toys like that would have gotten by me!

This was also the first time that I didn’t come home with something from Disney’s The Black Hole. Not that I wasn’t looking. And there were a few items, in fact there were sealed action figures unopened, untouched, but retailing for $80 apiece. A little out of my price range…


There were some amazing things!

Sue found a pair of Battle of the Planets action figures, and picked them up in one fell swoop. It’s a good thing she did, otherwise I may have been forced to!

And there were so many Star Wars toys!!


While not as big as say Fan Expo, Sue and I find a lot of joy in the ToyCons because there is always so much cool stuff there. It’s amazing that you can come across something you completely forgot about, but was so important to you as a child, and the moment you see it, so much just comes rushing back to you.

For that reason alone, I cannot recommend these Cons enough because, wow, the nostalgia mixes with the blood, sharpens the eye and the memory, leading you down long forgotten corridors of childhood, and you learn you can go home sometimes…

And a con wouldn’t be a con without costumes, and there were a couple of fun note, but the ones that caught our attention the most were a group of Imperial Stormtroopers playing one of the stand up classic arcade games that were in one of the rooms…


I’m fairly sure at this point, this Con will have constant attendees in the form of Sue and myself. It’s a great way to spend a day, wandering about, checking out the wares, chatting with the sellers, and rediscovering things you thought were long gone, had always wanted or find some new piece of shiny that just seems to call to you!

These Cons are so much fun, check out their Facebook page here to find out when and where the next one is!


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