The Newsroom S02E04 – Unintended Consequences


The episode’s title is completely apt this week, as we see unwanted and unexpected consequences plague the ACN team.

We finally get to see what happened to Maggie (Alison Pill) in Uganda, causing her to be called back from Africa to be debriefed and under review, and it’s a little terrifying. We follow Maggie and Gary Cooper (Chris Chalk) as they go to cover a human interest story about U.S. forces helping the locals by building shelters and schools. Maggie and Gary end up having to spend the night, as the roads are unsafe when darkness falls because of cattle raiders, groups of men who not only steal the cattle, but beat, rape and murder those people they come across.

An incident with a young boy she connects with dies from a bullet that was obviously meant for her, when the orphanage comes under siege that night.


On the campaign trail, Jim (John Gallagher Jr) is having a tough time with the Romney campaign now that he, Hallie (the lovely Grace Gummer) and Stillman (Cameron Gharaee) left the bus. Catching the campaign’s press secretary in a bad on the record moment, Jim gives his much sought for 30 minutes with the governor to Hallie, knowing she’s already catching flak from her boss for leaving the bus with him.

As a result Mac (Emily Mortimer) pulls him off the campaign and brings him back home to the office.

Back in the office, Neal (Dev Patel) finally gets his contact from the Occupy Wall Street movement onto the show, where Will (Jeff Daniels) promptly smacks her down, she’s unprepared and is unable to present any feasible case. While Will agrees with some of the points the movement is trying to make, with no real organization, leadership or plan, the movement is bound to flounder.

But when Neal learns that she may have information relating to their investigation of the black-op known only as Genoa, he tries to placate her with visits from Sloan (Olivia Munn) and Don (Thomas Sadoski). Both of which backfire.


It also sees the moment when Rick Perry’s presidential run exploded when the name of his ranch was revealed, and Don and Mac have a quick exchange about how it should have been dealt with on-air.

This episode needed to walk the line between humor and drama, especially as the events that drove Maggie to the edge come to light, so the humor needs to balance that out, and as always, Sorkin makes it work while not detracting from any of the stories News Night is covering.

I do hope that we haven’t seen the last of Hallie, as she’s smart, funny, lovely and honestly, I think she and Jim make the better couple than he and Maggie every could.

The downside to this, is that we are now almost halfway season 2, and I’ve already finished rewatching my season 1 blu-ray and i realize it’s going to be a long wait until season 3 hits my screen.


The Newsroom airs Sunday nights on HBO.


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