Continuum S02E06 – Second Truths


As I went into watching this episode, there came the announcement that Season 3 is a go.

That’s a great thing, BUT, it also tells us Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) does not get back to the future by season’s end, we also know that she’s around for the next season, so hopefully we at least get a big emotional ass-kicking before season’s end, and some nice little action sequences to go with.

carlosWhat I did like was that the future segment had Kiera going over a cold case from the past that had never been solved. Cut to now, and we find that Kiera and Carlos (Victor Webster) are investigating the same murders. If she solves the crime, she will undeniably change the future.

But she works to solve it anyway, making what Carlos thinks are huge leaps in deductive reasoning that even he won’t believe she can make. This is actually really good, because it throws some huge conflict between the two of them, because Carlos is beginning to no longer trust her, and no one else in the department is going to work with her. He also sees Kiera’s gun collapse and starts to learn all about her when he comes to her aid when she falls into the hands of the serial killer. This is a game changer for the show, because now Carlos is in the fold on that.

They also change the future, because they stop the serial killer – one would think that would be a good thing, those people won’t die… but all the people who were killed were sexual abusers in one fashion or another, now those people will live, and continue to commit their atrocities… is that better?

escherWe also get to meet Escher (Hugh Dillon) finally, he offers to be Rachel’s ally, but she wants to know when he’s from and his plans first.

Emily (Magda Apanowicz) and Alec’s (Erik Knudsen) romance continues to grow, but of course, we know she’s up to no good. Poor Alec. She may be in league with Liber8 (who are missing from this week’s episode) or more likely Escher’s Piron corporation.

Kellog (Stephen Lobo) is trying to amass funds and power, but misses out on one with Todd (Peter Benson) who has an idea for clean water and energy on a micro-bacterial level, is snatched up by Piron.

I hope the Emily/Alec story is handled well, and really hope we don’t get one of those, she didn’t love him at the start it was just a mission, but now she loves him story.

jpegEmily and Alec have lots of talks about causality, temporal bubbles and such, referencing Groundhog Day (and who doesn’t love that movie?!) but she also tends to put forward the idea best captured in Terminator 2 with the line, no fate but what we make.

I loved that on the surface this was your basic hunt for a serial killer episode, but I love all the temporal stuff just under the surface, that’s something this show continues to do really well… give you what you think is a just a basic story, but all the ethics, philosophy and temporal stuff is right there beneath the surface to examine.

That is one thing I am really looking forward to seeing more of, so bring on more Rachel Nichols (oh yes please) and Season 3!

Continuum airs on Showcase Sunday nights!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. NL_Greece says:

    It wasn’t as intense as it should have been, but the tension between Carlos and Kiera was the best part of this episode. Still a slow season, and I hope that Continuum will not end up like Lost…

    1. TD Rideout says:

      I don’t think it will. I think Barry and company are planning it all out, so that it may seem slow at the mo, but I bet things are coming to shake it up!

      1. NL_Greece says:

        I hope so. This is a very good show.

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