Defiance S01E07 – Goodbye Blue Sky


Lots of trouble rolling through Defiance this week as Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) gets wrapped up in a bit of an adventure all while the land is besieged by razor rain (pieces of Votan ships coming down and slicing things up – messy).

rollerIrisa races into the Badlands after she has a vision of Sukar (Noah Danby) dying in the rain. She races out there with Nolan (Grant Bowler) only to learn she’s too late. But then, after Nolan leaves (he’s not allowed to stay for the sinking ceremony), Sukar is mysteriously resurrected, and leads us to a whole science versus faith argument thanks to Dr. Yewll’s (Trenna Keating) discovery at the episode’s finale, while also getting to be delightfully sarcastic.

There’s also problems on the horizon for Alak Tarr (Jesse Rath) and Christie (Nicole Munoz) as they talk about a ritualistic bathing ceremony that is supposed to take place after the wedding. It may all be well and good for the Castithans, but not so much for the human folk.

As the razor rain comes in, it makes for strange bedfellows, Nicolette  (Fionnula Flanagan) shows up at the McCawley household looking for Birch (Steven McCarthy) who met his end last episode at the hands of Quentin (Justin Rain), something Nicky suspects. Course Quentin is having problems, seeing his dead brother everywhere, and advising him on what to do, including keeping the fact that he didn’t destroy the artifact a secret from his dad (Graham Greene). Cause talking to your dead brother who no one else can see… that’s not creepy.

kenyastahmaMeanwhile over at the Need/Want Stahma Tarr (Jaime Murray) comes to see Kenya (Mia Kirshner) about the impending nuptials for Alak and Christie, and wants Kenya to make sure that Alak knows how to properly please Christie on her wedding night.

When Stahma initially takes offense at Kenya’s gentle laughter, Kenya smooths things over with a couple of drinks and an explanation, all while we learn a bit more about Stahma, who was apparently a performance artist of a type before her father disapproved. Kenya suggests she do something for herself, something that can be all her own. And I’ll say it…

I approve of her choice.

Things are going to be a little strained between Nolan and Irisa for a while I think because of Nolan’s confrontation with the resurrected Sukar in the arch. The Irathient took over the radio station to send a signal into orbit, and it looked to all involved that he was causing a damaged ship to crash right into Defiance.

sukarNolan of course tries to stop him, and Irisa carries out the plan.

They’re gonna have some growing apart troubles I think, and I like that added dynamic of tension there, because you know they both care for one another, but it’s becoming apparent to both I think how different they really are from one another.

While I’m not always sure about the mystery of whatever is beneath Defiance, I am constantly enjoying the character interaction, the way the cultures differ, and the way they are all brought to life by actors who seem to be really enjoying their work, some fun and thoughtful scripts, great production design, and solid directing.

Defiance airs Mondays on Showcase… are you watching?

Defiance - Season 1

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