Defiance S01E02 – Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go


Things getting increasingly shtako (hope I’m using that right) for the folks of the town of Defiance tonight.


julieNolan (Grant Bowler) settling into his role of lawkeeper with Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) as his second, is encountering problems already. One of the Castithans who ran during the battle with the Volge is taken to task by Datak Tarr (Tony Curran) and sentenced to a cleansing ceremony (one might read that as torture). Neither Nolan nor Irisa approve, and we learn that Irisa may have been tortured in the past… perhaps by her parents before Nolan killed them?

And while Mayor Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz) may not approve of it, she can respect the need for it within the confines of the Castithan culture, though even she promises to find a way around it if she can.

Ben (Douglas Nyback), Amanda’s Indogenes aide who destroyed the city’s protection last episode escapes, and then races into the underground, into old St. Louis, with a plan to detonate a bomb in a nuclear plant erected during the war.

Rafe McCawley (Graham Greene) goes with Nolan, he knows the tunnels and he works the mines, and it allows him to get away from the family problems he has with is daughter Christie (Nicole Munoz) who has become engaged to Alak Tarr (Jesse Rath). He really doesn’t approve of any of the Votans in general and the Tarr’s in general.

Defiance - Season 1And speaking of the Tarrs there is a scene in their bathhouse, with Datak and Stahma (Jaime Murray) and… wow. Stahma looks amazing!

Ex-mayor Nicolette Riordon (Fionnula Flanagan) is still scheming, and is the mind behind Ben’s terrorist plan. There’s obviously something hidden or buried in the immediate vicinity of Defiance that Nicky wants, and she needs the town emptied to get it, though she’s also convinced the survivors will thank her for her actions… Hmmm….

Irisa finally has enough of watching the Castithan being ‘cleansed’ and acts with the aid of lawkeeper Tommy Lasalle (Dewshane Williams). Stahma and Christie have a chat about her father and Alak, and Stahma hints at how devious both she and Datak can be…

I know we’re barely into the series, but I’m really enjoying it! The cast of characters are great, the stories so far are engaging, this week’s is smaller in scale (it’s tough to top that huge battle with the Volge), but the characters are completely engaging, there’s already characters I love, and those I love to dislike (hate is too strong a word yet, and I’m still getting to know them all).

irisaThis is a world that actions have consequences that resonate, and while yes, there’s an episode of the week nature to it, everything that happens will inform what happens next.

And though it only deals briefly with the concept of the differences in the cultures, especially in terms of what we find acceptable about them and whether we can or even should enforce our society’s beliefs on them, the resolution of that story thread at the episode’s end is chilling and sends a message to the entire town. It’s an interesting concept, that I think will be visited often in this series, as it seems to be constantly relevant in today’s society.

What do you think of it so far? I’m well on the way to being addicted to it, and have watched the pilot and this episode a few times now!

Defiance airs tonight on Showcase and Syfy!!

(Post script – anyone know who does the song at the end of the episode?)

Defiance - Season 1

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