Bermuda and Back Again: A Happy Hobbit’s Return Home and a Film Festival Part 5


I was kind of glad for the rain today, as I learned even if you can go home, some things you’ll find are irreparably changed and it can shake you a bit. So I’m not saying there were some tears in rain today, but I’m not denying it either.

I went down Somerset and Dockyard way to revisit my old stomping grounds, and got a bit of a shock. Now to lead in, I knew Daniel’s Head had changed and been converted into apartments and housing, I’d seen that on my 2000 trip. The Canex and the junior officers mess was gone, the scuba shack… the raft…

What I wasn’t ready for was the gone to seed condition the place seems to be in now. We took pride in the base. I can say we because some of my summers were spent on landscaping detail, I’d mowed lawns, kept the roadways clean, painted walls… Now everything is over grown and the entire place looks, well, terrible, it was heartbreaking.

I was able to shakily take it all in before a gentleman came up to me and politely reminded me that this was private property and could I please leave.

And… “all those moments… lost,… like tears in rain…”

The Daniel’s Head I knew, only exists now in the memory of the people who lived there…



I also stopped at one of Bermuda’s parks, where some 24 years ago, my girlfriend Tracey and I stopped one night, sat out on the rocks, star gazed and talked about our lives, our hopes, and our blossoming love for one another. I still know exactly where we were sitting, and how she looked in the starlight…

It has truly been an amazing trip so far, seeing some fantastic movies and walking down the lanes and alleyways of my memory.

The video store we used to rent from, Vision Video is long gone, that was a given, but so is the building. The field Sean Jolliffe and I defended from some teens by tossing rocks over my wall, while they used the areas we had flattened to race their bikes… gone, replaced by a big blue house.

Things change, that’s their nature, it just continues to be an odd experience, I keep expecting to bump into my younger self, and I wonder what I would tell him, what would I change, and what would I do differently?

I am loving this trip…


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