Bermuda and Back Again: A Happy Hobbit’s Return Home and a Film Festival Part 1


It’s been a long time since I’ve had the time or the luxury to travel, but when the Bermuda Film Festival was announced this year, I knew I had found the perfect reason to don my fedora, fill a kit bag and hop a jet plane.

Being an air force brat, I’ve had the luxury of growing up in some pretty cool places, but Bermuda has always seemed to be the pinnacle of that, people react in varying degrees of jealousy and awe when I share tat piece of personal history.

Course we need to establish I was 12 when I got there and 17 when I left – does teenage angst mean anything to you?

I’m well aware, now, how good it was when I was there. I may not have always gotten along with my parents or even my sister, but it was a fantastic place to grow up, even if all i did was rave about how amazing Canada was.

I’m sure I proved myself very annoying to my classmates, though some pretty amazing bonds were formed, one of which I am looking forward to reestablishing  is with Doctor Tina Arorash, my bestie in high school, Mt. St. Agnes Academy, Class of ’89. It’s amazing how these things stay with you. It’s been 20 odd ears since we’ve seen each other with the sparsest of contact since then, an occasional email, phonecall, or Facebook… But I’m fairly convinced we’ll fall right back into our easy going friendship.


And to be able to go back to one of my favorite homes doing some of the things I love, watching and writing about movies, in this case covering the Bermuda International Film Festival… I don’t think it can get much better than that.

Over the course of the next ten days while my excellent blog partner and co-host Sue Maynard is covering the Reel World Film Fest back in TO, I’m going to be posting reviews of the films I see as well as documenting my trip down memory lane.

I’ve only been back to the island once since my graduation, right around the turn of the century (I do love using that phrase), so I’m looking forward to seeing the changes, revisiting important landmarks from my youth, and taking in some of the amazing films that are lined up at the festival.

One of the ones I’m most looking forward to is In The Hour Of Victory, which is a locally made film, a fascinating subject, and features a score by another of my  friends, Steve Gallant.

So if you’re up for it, join me for a walk through the pink sandy beaches of my memories both good and bad, and check out the reviews for what’s bound to be an amazing festival.

As I write this, we’re cruising south east at a leisurely 578 mph at an altitude of 39780 feet, and somewhere up ahead, beckoning me on the past is rising up to meet me. I’m alternately nervous and excited (and a little bummed about having to leave Thomas Sullivan and Orville behind, but photographer extraordinaire Beth Beard has promised to check in on them for me).

I’m definitely not the prodigal son, perhaps the prodigal cousin 5 times removed…

Fedora firmly on my head, I am ready for this adventure!


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