Lost Girl S03E11 – Adventures In Fae-bysitting


This time I loved the Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) storyline, you know they’re setting stuff up! A field that is a mass grave of light and dark Fae that someone is hunting down and watching said field via camera… Cool! We learn from this that Bo did not kill the woman, who’s twin comes looking for her at Hale’s (K.C. Collins) urging. Tamsin also warns Dyson that something big is coming, despite being soaked in alcohol when she did it.

In the A-story, Bo (Anna Silk) and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) are off to a gated community (shades of Desperate Housewives!) to help a young babysitter who is having a bit of a problem.

This week’s episode is directed by Lee Rose and scripted by Sandra Chwialkowska, and it balances everything really nicely, and throws us leaps and bounds closer to the season finale, while opening up the scope of what is going on .

fieldThe episode starts off with a couple of brilliant lines though, Kenzi saying she has a vibrant inner life, and Bo saying that reminds her they need to pick up more batteries. Hilarious!

And since Bo and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) are on a break the gals take on a case for a change, and it’s really fun to see Bo and Kenzi spending time together. They have such great chemistry together.

You also have to wonder if The Wanderer used this poor babysitter, and a couple of ladies playing at being witches – Susan (Sadie LeBlanc) and Caroline (Gabrielle Miller), because Bo finds herself in a park with a merry-go-round/carousel that is playing that familiar Dion tune. It’s also where the witches get together to invoke the babysitter, who is actually Fae and doesn’t know it. And that’s not all, she’s all dead, and can be filled with the will of others to kill, which is what the witches have been doing… This poor girl.

kenziandboWe also see Lauren getting courted professionally and probably personally as well by Isaac (Shawn Doyle), and he has also dug up some information on her as well… including another name, Karen Beattie, and Karen is a fugitive… Hmmm!

And after Hale turns down her request for a sabbatical, causing Lauren to make a comment about power revealing a person’s true nature, she takes Isaac up on his offer and leaves, including a ringing phone with Bo on the other end.

I do hope Isaac is just a fella, but what if we find out he knows EXACTLY who Lauren is, and is one of those hunting the Fae, planning on using her for information to find Fae, maybe even Bo… is there a connection between the hunting and The Wanderer or are the two separate and increasing threats?

It was great to see Hale, but he’s being a bit of a douche, but I’m sure heavy lays the crown. It was also a lot of fun seeing Kenzi taking on baby-sitting and realizing that she sounds like her mother when issuing a threat to her ward.

There are two episodes left in the season, what are you thinking is going to happen? What are you hoping to see?

Lost Girl airs Sundays on Showcase!



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  1. NL_Greece says:

    Not the best episode of this season but the parallel stories of two women that only want their freedom was actually very interesting! What I don’t find interesting is the fact that the writers try very hard to come up with a back story for Lauren and they end up with…. nothing. First Afghanistan, now wanted dead or alive… Whatever…
    As for the egyptian fae, nobody noticed the six fingers on the dead woman’s throat? Not even Lauren during her autopsy? Bad writing guys…

    Good scenes: Bo and Kenzi watching and commenting a movie together (soooo funny), Tamsin showing up at work drunk (does the Valkyrie herself have doubts?), her lost chance of saying to Dyson that Bo is in big trouble (Rachel keeps getting better at this part although I prefer her bitchy), Bo killing Lisa (very well acted by both ladies).

    Bad scenes: Lisa trying to kill Sam (not scary…)

    What do I expect now of the show? Well, I want Isaac to be a human serial killer, not fae, not Bo’s father. I don’t know how they are going to fit his story in only two episodes…
    I want Bo’s father to make an appearance but to be continued in S4.
    If the Wanderer is sooooo powerful what does he need Tamsin for?


  2. Isaac is definitely more than the charming, handsome, smart doctor guy he appears to be – and I had the feeling that Lauren was being lured away. Is she going to be a hostage? Is this a divide and conquer move? Is Isaac Bo’s dad and/or is he behind the mass Fae grave that Dyson and Tamsin have unearthed? And what the heck is up with this newly revealed layer of Lauren’s past!?

    Beautiful, tender scene between Bo and Lisa (the babysitter) at the end of the ep.

    And I have to agree with NL_Greece – Tamsin is a keeper. She adds a great, cynical edgy vibe to Bo and her gang of Scoobies, not to mention the possibility of further romantic complications for Bo – and Rachel Skarsten is awesome good at playing her.

  3. Audrey says:

    Well, I have the feeling that this Isaac is not good .. and that maybe Lauren will not come back at home for Monday ..
    This scene, her letting her phone, necklace, and this way to close the lights of her appartment watching it .. It sound like a Goodbye .. Dont follow this Isaac, Lauren !!! Or .. Karen ?? WTF ?!!
    Im happy learn a bit more about this “expedition” in Afghanistan, and about Lauren.. It’s really a complex character finally that we have still a lot to learn about ! 🙂 Well, read what was written on the paper Isaac gave to her, but hope we will know more about this fugitive history!
    Hale, OMG, Hale … you were so missed, man !! But .. what happened to you ? The quotes of Lauren to him, was all we had in thought at this moment .. 😦 Maybe he’s “playing” his role of Ash and he forces himself in it, and it’s really not easy for him .. or maybe he changed … I hope no :/
    I have to say that this last scene where Bo “kill” Lisa is sublime … It’s the 1st time she kill someone to help him/her, and in this way .. What a delicatess she takes, and courage she has .. this scene for me is historic ..
    And ask also the same question of you guys : does The Wanderer has a connection with all these murders and Isaac too ? Only 2 episodes left to discover all !! Haaaa !!!
    And Tamsin ! In the middle of this ! :O
    So excited for the suit !
    Thanks like always for your great review guys ! You rock ! 🙂

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