An Evening In Imax

I don’t often see a lot of movies in IMAX, not that I’m not a fan, on the contrary, I save IMAX for those big event movies. Something I know will want to not only see, but immerse myself in.

For me, IMAX is the best way to do that.

So it was with a lot of joy, and excitement that I headed out to the Scotiabank Theater Friday night to take in the new James Bond film, Skyfall – stay tuned for that review!

Friday nights, traditionally opening nights for films, always means that the theater is going to be very, very busy.

However, the beauty of IMAX screenings – you can book your seats in advance! Awesome! There was absolutely no rush to get there, thanks to that option, it actually allows me to relax. As much as there is a sense of excitement to waiting in line, I occasionally tend to get really anxious in giant crowds of people, and that of course, can have an adverse reaction to my enjoyment of the evening.

Not Friday night!

We were definitely in a giant crowd… The theater was sold out! But I didn’t have to worry about that with our seats reserved and the giant screen to fill my view.

My lovely companions and I, making me feel rather 007-like myself, only had to queue for our popcorn and drinks before heading into the theater. Settling into Row C, seats 2, 3, and 4, we were more than ready for the IMAX experience.

And experience it we did.

One tends to forget how big the screen truly is until the trailers, and IMAX introduction plays. There was nothing else to see, the screen, from where we were sitting, filled the entire view. You were part of it.

This was awesome, especially in such a beautifully shot film.

There were a couple distracting moments, as you watched a piece of something slide around the screen, a piece of fluff or something caught in the film, or on the lens, but they were literally that, moments, and never enough to pull you out of the film.

Our seats were comfy and had a nice little tilt factor, though more often than not, we were too wrapped up in the film to be too relaxed.

The sound, much like the film was perfectly immersive, making excellent use of surround sound, but you could still enjoy the shared laughter and applause through the course of the film. For me, the music of a film is just as important as the dialogue and sound effects, and Bond films always have a fantastic score, and I could hear and enjoy every note of Thomas Newman’s brilliant score.

I love my theater sound to match the screen, and on a film like this, bigger and louder is better… as the catchphrase goes, IMAX is believing.

The film, Skyfall, was specially formatted for the IMAX screen, and looked great!

IMAX made the 23rd Bond film a true event for me, and like I said, those are the only times I truly like to see something in IMAX.

As they say, seeing is believing, and this time around, I certainly did…

What is your preference, IMAX? UltraAVX? or regular cinema? And how about your fave movie to see in IMAX?

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My friends over at Everywhere, LLC provided me with tickets and compensation for this, BUT, the thoughts contained herein are all my own.

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  1. Jamey Brown says:

    The tilt factor is key. That plus the IMAX experience is a deadly combo!

    1. TD Rideout says:

      I do like the tilt!

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