Toronto After Dark – Lloyd the Conqueror – Michael Peterson

Canadian geek comedy finds its way into the Toronto After Dark Film Festival with the Live Action Role Play comedy – Lloyd the Conqueror.

Lloyd (Evan Williams) a likeable if a little dim fellow with a very 70s feathered hair style and his friends, Patrick (Jesse Reid) and Oswald (Scott Patey), are having a bit of a problem with one of their courses.

They have a terrible showing with their Beowulf presentation and will be in dire straits if they can’t find a way to maintain their ‘C’ a average.

They approach the course’s prof, Derek (Mike Smith, Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys), who has a problem of his own.

It seems that his local Calgary LARPing community is cancelling the end of season battle, because they are all afraid to challenge his dark forces and by cancelling the battle they deny him a record-breaking title.

He offers them a passing grade if they enroll in the for we of light and make sure there is a season end battle. He also promises that if they win (something he doubts in the extreme) he’ll give them all A+.

The trio turn to Andy, The White Wizard (Brian Posehn) and an attractive self-defense teacher, Cassandra (Teagan Moss) to help them out.

It’s through these characters that the audience is introduced to the ‘sport’ of LARPing, I’ve never been a fan of it myself but I can see the appeal for some.

The film never takes itself seriously and it’s humour slides from the gentle to the downright crude. Everyone seems to be having a good time, and that sense of fun is infectious, transcending the screen and sweeping up the audience in its sense of ridiculous joy.

Smith from The Trailer Park Boys seems to relish the opportunity to play a straight up villain, and Posehn as the White Wizard is just a hoot.

Lloyd and his flatmates have a real sense of relationship and you can believe the three of them have lost hours if not days to gaming, goofing and just hanging out. Add the sexy girl next door Tegan Moss in as the kick ass self-defense teacher and this foursome just works.

There’s a joy in the performances that transcends the screen and sweeps the audience up into the adventure, alternately cheering and laughing as Lloyd and his conquerors take on all comers and fight to banish the forces of darkness who have ruled Calgary’s LARP community for far too long.

I didn’t know so very much about the material going in and once again Toronto After Dark didn’t let me down, Lloyd was a solidly entertaining film, geeky with a Canadian flavour.

You can find more Lloyd here on Facebook, Twitter and their official site here.

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