Red Czarina Productions

Sue and I met Rebecca Sandulak over the summer, and got to spend time with her and interview her for our show.

She along with some other talented and wonderful women have formed Red Czarina Productions ( ) working on film and stage projects.

The ladies are featured in the photo to the left, taken by Izabela Rachwal ( ) they are from left to right, Ashley Hirt, Danishka Esterhazy, Rebecca Gibson, and sitting, is Rebecca Sandulak.

These amazing ladies have just finished taking on an updated take on the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale called H&G. Danishka is helming it, and has previously directed the acclaimed Black Field and a number of shorts, including The Red Hood (which is the first film I’ve seen that she’s done – SO GOOD!).

Rebecca Sandulak, as we’ve previously established is a brillliant photographer, and is always welcome back on our show!

Ashley Hirt is a classically trained actress, Rebecca Gibson is an actor and writer.

Howver none of them can be pigeon-holed as I have just attempted, the four of the are the heart, soul and core of their production company, and each of them will fill roles as required, from produder to props to vehicle wrangling.

They’re a talented and fantastic quartet, and we were lucky enough to be able to chat with them (although I hope they get to TO at some point so we can invite them into the studio). So join us as we have a wonderful little Skype chat with the Red Czarinas.


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