Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)

Yup, back to Paradise Massachusetts (still lovely Nova Scotia) again. Robert B Parker’s Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) is back for more in the 7th telefilm based on the book series.

This installment picks up three weeks after No Remorse.

The town council has granted Stone early retirement, and because of the way they handled the convenience store robberies Suitcase (Kohl Sudduth) and Rose (Kathy Baker) are allowed to stay on as the town’s police force. Suit is forced to step down as temporary chief however when the council puts in someone they can control a little better, William Butler (Jeff Geddis) a son-in-law of one of the council members.

Neither Rose nor Suit care for him though.

Jesse is stunned to learn that one of the young women, Cindy (Eileen Boylan) he looked out for during her parents divorce, is found dead, with the town council eager to rule it a drug-induced suicide.

Jesse, despite no longer being a cop, doesn’t accept that, and begins his own investigation, chatting, once again, with crime boss Gino Fish (William Sadler) and Sister Mary John (Kerri Smith).

He’s also asked by Captain Healy (Cepthen McHattie) to help out on a murder case that seems a little too neat.

Jesse, in true manipulative fashion gets a badge from Healy, and uses it to run down his own investigation into Cindy’s death.

Through it all, Jesse seeks the advice of Doctor Dix (William Devane), briefly chats with Jenn (voiced by Gillian Anderson), romances Hasty Hathaway’s (Saul Rubinek) lovely receptionist Thelma (Gloria Reuben) and tries to connect with Reggie while watching old movies.

It was the old movie bit that I really liked, and I know the film’s writers, Michael Brandman and Tom Selleck, knew what they were doing with one of the films…

Jesse and Reggie are watching Bridge On The River Kwai. As soon as I saw it, I had a huge grin on my face… In Magnum, P.I., Higgins (John Hillerman) built a matchstick model of the bridge, which was consequently destroyed and rebuilt). I thought it was a wonderful call back for fans.

I love the continuity created by the series, though this one is a little darker for Stone’s character…

He still can’t connect with Reggie, he’s unemployed, having been forced to retire, and he’s holding himself responsible for Cindy’s death. All those things add up to heavy drinking for poor Jesse.

I love the fact that the character is incredibly flawed, and though he is aware of his flaws, he also can’t or won’t fix them.

Selleck continues to excel in this role, and after Magnum, this may be my favorite character he’s played, though I’ve yet to watch Blue Bloods.

What do you think?


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  1. Kenneth Bentley says:

    I have all of the Jesse Stone Series, except one…Innocent Lost. I will be getting it soon. Will Tom Selleck continue JSS?

    1. TD Rideout says:

      Apparently these films are rather expensive to produce and the last few Selleck has had to help finance himself. However, he has said that he hasn’t finished with the character, so hopefully that means we can look forward to more installments between seasons of Blue Bloods.

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