Robert O’Reilly & J.G. Hertzler

During Polaris, I was lucky enough to join in on the press conferences for Tony Amendola, Miracle Laurie, and the last one I attended was with Robert O’Reilly, best known for his role as Gowron on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and J.G. Hertzler who played Martok on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

I was joined by a number of other media reps, including the Rochester Fantasy Fans, Reality Fantasy Fans, and Kevin Wang who sat in on my chat with Miracle Laurie.

I present her, the unedited raw data of the interview, because the two of them together are just fun, loud and hilarious, and regale us with a Klingon rap at the end of the interview.

So settle in, pour yourself some blood wine, get a plate of gakh and join me as we talk with Robert O’Reilly & J.G. Hertzler.

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