Continuum S01 E07 – The Politics of Time

At it’s heart, this week’s episode is about loyalty, trust and the heart. It’s also a rather familiar police investigation kind of story, once the plot gets going. But it’s the characters that make the story its own.

It happily also helped me put some distance between the fight sequence of last week (I’ve harped on that enough in public and private).

As usual, we join CPS Protector Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) in the 2070s (ish), where she and Greg (John Reardon) are out for dinner with Greg’s best friend and his wife Rikki (Paula Elle). As Kiera steps away to freshen her make-up, Rikki’s husband comes in and makes a pass at her.

We tumble back to 2012, where Alec (Erik Knudsen) is attempting to convince Kiera to ask Carlos (Victor Webster) to join her for dinner, and work on getting some friends in the here and now. Just as she is going to ask him to join her, he gets called away.

Carlos visits his friend Jim Martin (Tahmoh Penikett), and agrees to drive a mutual friend Alicia Fuentes (Pascale Hutton), a reporter, and an ex and old friend of Carlos’, home. There they spend the night together, and surprise, surprise, the next morning when Kiera and Carlos are meeting for the morning, they get a call to the scene of a homicide… Alicia is dead.

And in a blatant move, Carlos hides his involvement with Alicia, and takes the investigation as primary. Kiera, watching him on her heads-up ocular display, knows he’s keeping something secret.

It comes out that Alicia was working on an article about Jim, and how his campaign for Union President may be guilty of financial fraud, including one huge donation of $10 million from a private party.

Through all of this, Alec is working on restoring Kiera’s suit, which seems to be coming along nicely, and is already interacting with the data streams around it.

Betty(Jennifer Spence) comes to Kiera with a piece of evidence, a CCTV image of a car arriving and Alicia getting out. Alec boosts the image, and Kiera can now place Carlos at the scene.

When Betty goes to Carlos with a hi-res photo of him at the scene, he goes to see Captain Dillon (Brian Markinson) who immediately suspends him.

Kiera however works on resolving the murder herself, following the money, and using her suit, a satellite hook-up (thanks to Kellog (Stephen Lobo) – whom she learns stole back her piece of the Device) and Alec, creates an Augmented Reality using movements through a cell tower data cascade to recreate the night of the murder.

We find out who was responsible for taking the cash donation for the campaign, and also that none of our suspects are the murderer.

Let’s just Liber8 rears the head on both issues… Kagame (Tony Amendola) now has a Union President with higher political ambitions than that, in his pocket. Problems are coming…

Through it all, Kiera remains loyal to her friendship with Carlos, but admits it’s better to have some secrets as opposed to breaking a promise. To me this makes her relationship with Carlos that much stronger, even as we learn that Greg’s relationship with her may not be as perfect as we thought. He had an affair with Rikki right before he and Kiera got married.

This episode gave our characters to grow in their relationship, which I like, seeing them become a little closer, relying on one another more, and being loyal to each other.

Still with only three eps left in the season, I expect things to start ramping up pretty quickly from here on out, and expect a really kick-ass cliffhanger ending.

I also hope we get to see Kiera kick some ass again in the very near future, cause, y’know, awesome. Let’s end strong Mr. Simon Barry!

Continuum airs Sundays on Showcase.

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