Miracle Laurie


This weekend Polaris is underway here in Toronto, and Sue and I were kindly afforded Media Passes for the event.

So On Saturday, which Sue sadly had to miss out on, I got to sit down along with Kevin Wang from Box Office Buzz to chat to the lovely, and awesome Miracle Laurie, best known for her role as Mellie/November/Madeline on the Joss Whedon creation, Dollhouse.

Finding some time to chat with us between photo ops, Q&As and autograph sessions, Miracle was a true joy to chat with.

However, my recorder seemed to have a problem, and recorded a solid half hour of nothing. On the flip side, I also recorded it on my camera, and transferred the audio over. The sound is nowhere near as good as previous chats, but we had too much of a good time to give this one a miss.

So if you like, settle in, and join me as I have a chat about Joss, ukeleles, bad movies, and positive female role models.

Join me for Miracle Laurie.

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