Z*CON – The Movie!!!

Z*Con is a new indie film being produced by the same shiny folk who brought us the Big Damn Fan Film Browncoats: Redemption.  Based on the ‘Verse created by Joss Whedon in the (wrongly) cancelled Firefly series, and its follow-up film, Serenity, Redemption introduced us to a new crew with new problems faced in the months following the events that transpired in Serenity.  Driving sales and promotion almost exclusively through various social media outlets, the film raised over $113 000 in proceeds – ALL of which went to charity.  Though that project has now ended, the next one has begun, and its Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds is now underway!

Z*Con is the second such venture of Big Damn Films, and already it promises to be a different and unique take on the horror/comedy genre.  From the website:

“Z*Con is about 14 year old Matt Moore, and his three friends, who attend a local comic convention to get interviews for their podcast but end up stuck in the middle of a Zombie Outbreak at the con. Using social media, and their wits, to report on what’s going on inside the four walls of the con while dodging all kinds of cosplay zombies.”

The Kickstarter Campaign got off to a strong start yesterday, with just over $15 000 being pledged on Day 1!  With continued support of the fans (anyone can pledge a minimum amount of $1 to get in on the action), this project will finish its fundraising goal of $250 000 ahead of its July 11th deadline, but they’ll need all of our help to make it happen!  Head over to the Kickstarter page and check out the awesome perks you can pick up, starting for as little as $15.  Every bit helps and – as with Redemption – all of the film’s proceeds will go to charity.

Two of the charities have already been chosen (Red Cross and Kids Need To Read), but YOU can help to choose the third!  After creating an account on the film’s site, you can view and vote on the charities here, or suggest another one here.  In a fun addition, there is a Z-Tracker where you can turn in any zombie tokens that you find hidden all around the world.  Info about that can be found here, and should lead to some interesting things later on in the process!

For your $15 pledge, you will receive a digital copy of the finished film, exclusive access to Backers Only info on the website, and your name in the closing credits.  And it only gets better from there!  So, head on over to the Kickstarter page and help spread the infection by promoting Z*Con to everyone you know, near and far!  You can also follow the making of the film, from start to finish, by hooking up with Z*Con on Twitter and Facebook, in addition to the main movie site.

I personally am very excited for this film, and can’t wait to be as involved with the process as possible!  So jump in, get involved – spread the infection!!!


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