Introducing Thomas Sullivan

Everyone was very kind with their words over Fred’s passing last week. So much so that some of you even followed up to make sure I was doing alright, and asking if there would be a new furball added into my life.

I’m happy to say there is.

On Friday, taking a break from work, Sue and I journeyed the block and a half to our local Humane Society to have a look at the cats. I didn’t go in with the firm intention of choosing a cat that day, in fact I was quite prepared to think it was too soon after fred’s passing to consider another companion.

However, I figured that if a furball came along and caught my attention and seemed fun and friendly, I’d consider it.

Wandering the rooms of the cat quarters, I almost missed out on the last room, but Sue pointed it out and I followed her in.

No sooner do I walk in the room, than one adorable fella stood right up in his cage and started rubbing himself up against the door. I checked out two tiny kittens, Crackle and Pop, who were just dead to the world, had they been awake, it may have been a different story… And then I noticed this guy, who has a tiny square missing from the edge of his right ear, prowling back and forth, trying to push himself through the cage door to reach me.

I won’t share his original name with you, it’s kind of embarassing, and he’s asked me not to talk about it, but he was very friendly, and very affectionate. So I got the ball rolling on the adoption process with the wonderful staff there.  The sad thing it, this guy has been in the system for 2 years! He just turned two on the 11th and had spent most of it with Toronto Animal Services before being shuffled to the Human Society so they wouldn’t have to euthanize him! How could no one adopt this guy? But then again perhaps he was just waiting for me.

I chatted with the Humane Society folk, and opened his cage to see how he would take to me. He tends to get nervous or anxious if you move to quickly or if you raise your hand above him, but if you come in at eye level or lower, he’ll be a complete suck.

While I waited at work for 6pm so I could run back and take him home, his name was chosen for me.

My ipod kicked in with Mike Post’s awesome theme song for Magnum, P.I. and I knew then and there that he had to be called Thomas Sullivan.

We’ve since got settled in at the apartment, and he’s made himself quite to home, watching the world through the windows, curling up on my lap, purring, running around, and waiting impatiently in the kitchen doorway when he thinks its time to eat (and not to worry he is eating very well! He tends to hoover down his canned food in seconds!).

So welcome home Thomas Sullivan!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Smellycat says:

    Oh Tim I’m so happy for you !! And Thomas is so beautiful !! Wish you both a wonderful story and lot of moments of happiness and fun together !! Big Hugs from me !! 🙂 xoxox

  2. bidango says:

    YAY!!! I’m sure Thomas Sullivan will be the purrrrfect companion … and maybe even solve the mystery of why two socks go into the laundry but only one comes out.

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