Continuum – Meet Carlos Fonnegra

When Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols), CPS Protector, ends up back in the year 2012 in pursuit of the escaped group of terrorists calling themselves Liber8, she realizes she may need help. She has the young techno-wiz Alec helping her out with info and coms, but she needs someone to physically cover her back as well.

Posing as a cop at the temporal entry point, she meets up with a Vancouver police officer, Carlos Fonnegra, and the two, in their way, resolve to work together to bring these escaped fugitives, and their escalating urban warfare tactics to task.

Carlos is almost single-minded in his drive to be the best cop, he lives and breathes it, and despite the fact that he and Kiera have to work together… He’s not entirely sure he trusts her, and is dubious of her cover story.

Can they develop a strong working relationship when the key ingredient, trust, is so small? They both know they’re fighting to stop these terrorists, so they are united in a common goal, beyond that, it’s all up for grabs.

Carlos is played by Canadian-born Victor Webster, best known to most fans as Kate Beckett’s boyfriend Josh in the 3rd season of Castle, he also had a recurring role on Melrose Place and has had guest shots on Bones, CSI, Criminal Minds, and a number of appearances on Charmed.

Now Victor is  playing the male lead in Continuum, the new sci-fi series that is set to debut on Showcase on May 27th. Where will the working relationship with Kiera go? Will he learn who she really is? And what happens if he learns what the agenda of Liber8 is? Some interesting questions…

Continuum draws closer by the day…

How far would you go to save the future?


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