The Killing – Day 19 – Openings


Okay.  Please bear with me – my brain is still going a mile a minute after this episode, and I know I’ve missed things and that I’ll be forgetting things – or even getting them wrong.  But let’s just jump in and see what we come up with, shall we?

Terry – bless.  Dude Ames is so not leaving his wife for you.  And frankly, you can do better.  He seems like kind of a tool.  His wife is the smart one, really.  She doesn’t have to sleep with him, AND she gets all the money if he goes anywhere.  All that being said, though, he’s been deliberately remote with Terry since the night Rosie died.  He cancelled their trip, showed up at the wake and shot her a look then ignored her, and called her two weeks later to dump her in person.  And did you see his reaction to the insinuation that someone other than he was making decisions about his life?  A tad violent, no?  Thank goodness she didn’t threaten his manhood.  I wonder if Rosie did.

And speaking of Rosie – help me out here.  We know Rosie was at the casino that night, and other nights.  Do we KNOW she was part of Beau Soleil?  I know she was dressed different from her usual fare, and now the Beau Soleil records are gone, but…they found Terry through the website.  I can’t remember if they ever actually connected Rosie with it, though.  And does Terry know Rosie was at the casino all the time?  For some reason, I thought she’d kind of gotten Rosie into it, or something.  But even with Linden and Holder, who have questioned her a few times about it all – she didn’t seem to connect Rosie with anyone from the Beau Soleil world.  Not even Jasper’s dad when, considering his son had dated the girl, such a link between the two parties may be worth mentioning.

Speaking of Jasper, I think this week was the first time I actually liked the kid!  He’s still not my favourite, but I thought he was pretty funny with Holder, and stood up to his father for a few seconds, so that was cool.  I’m not sure I buy the whole, “I sent the text from Rosie’s phone as a joke” thing, because his mom knows about her husband’s affairs (haha see what I did there?), but at the same time, Jasper seemed to be genuinely upset about the way his father treats his mother, so maybe there’s something to it.  I don’t know.

Darren Richmond!  Well, HE certainly pulled himself together in a hurry, didn’t he?  He even made a joke when Jamie was tying up his shoes, and again later to Gwen.  I was happy to see Gwen back, actually.  It’ll be interesting to see if she and Richmond and Jamie can all just work together, but so far it looks to be going okay.  Richmond handled himself perfectly in the interview with the nosey lady, and it looks like Gwen at least feels she can help him win.  Actually, I think maybe all three of them think she could be the one to put them over the top – if anyone can.

Alright, part of me wants to talk about every detail – Stan and Alexi (“She saved your life” – truer words, lad, truer words), Mitch and Tina (I loved watching them together, even though the kid seems bent on screwing with the woman.  I think they get most of what they each need from one another), and the letter Mitch had in her keepsakes box.  Who is THAT guy?  I guess she never sent it?  It didn’t have a return address on it…the website says it was to a ‘David’, but now I can’t remember if there was a last name to it, or not.  I guess not one we were supposed to recognize.  Hopefully.  I’m going to watch that part again.

Holder and Linden – there were SO MANY looks passed between them at new pieces of information that came their way.  Cab with a broken taillight – does that mean something?  Where was Ames between the ferry dock and his 4:30am arrival home that night?  Why was the casino lady showing up at his party?  It all comes back to the Mayor – or, rather, the circle includes him.  It’s like everyone has a secret, and some of them are keeping the same ones.  Even Rosie’s death pretty much HAS to have involved more than one person, I think.  If not the actual act, then the cover-up that’s been going on since.  Everyone is determined to see either someone else blamed for the crime (ie Richmond), or have it dropped all together (Mr. No Warrants For You cop boss).  But Holder and Linden seem to be on the same page now more than ever before.  They’re practically completing one another’s sentences, really!

Why was Holder’s sponsor and fake photo-giver cop at the station before the Ames men arrived?  Apparently he doesn’t even need to give a reason for being there anymore.  I was thinking about that photo again, actually.  The fact remains that it could never have been used as evidence in a trial against Richmond, because there were too many ways to tell it was a fake.  Or, at least, there were too many ways to tell that it didn’t come from that toll station.  Linden found out within hours – there’s no way it could have lasted long enough to even go to trial.  So why would a high-ranking cop reach for a quick fix that he knew wouldn’t last very long to begin with?  It didn’t even last long enough for Linden to fly out of town.  Other than getting a quick arrest – which would either be just as quickly overturned and frustrate everyone further with the police and how they’ve handled the investigation, or if Richmond really was the guy you’d have to hope that the photo lasted long enough to collect some real evidence to put him away – why would anyone doctor that photo so carelessly to begin with?

I loved, loved loved seeing Linden get all giddy over Jack.  It turned right creepy when she saw the pic on the fridge, though.  Have we seen that pic before?  I feel like I should know where it came from, or who drew it – something.  Very cute how they showed up at Holder’s door (“Are you home?”), but either they were followed and Linden didn’t notice, or someone is watching Holder place – or both of them.  Freaky ending.

Holder said that, if he were a teen and found out his father wasn’t his father, he’d find his real father.  Do you think Rosie did?

The Killing airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC


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