Some Of Our Favorite Blogs

Later today we’ll be posting my review of Episode 5 from that brilliant series… Bomb Girls (how is there only one left after that?!?!?).

I do hope they get picked up for a second series, and not only because Sue and I really want to interview them again, (a big round table discussion would be brilliant!!) and organize a set visit. No, it’s a wonderful series that I am glad to have seen, and done our part to promote and share it with anyone who will listen.

But for now, I thought Sue and I would share a couple of the blogs we like to check out and frequent…

First, as you’ll hear in next week’s podcast, Sue found Meg Tilly’s blog, and it’s incredible open, honest, and wonderfully written. She tells about her life, happenings, thoughts, and some recipes that need to be tried out!
You can find it here – MegTilly

Kate Hewlett has a wonderfully fun blog as well, and if you aren’t following her on Twitter, do it, cause she’s very funny!She has admitted that she doesn’t update it as often as she would like, but maybe we can convince her to start up again 🙂 Though she does have lots on the go, so you may have to forgive her…

Find Kate – here

Our good friend Ryan McNeil has his own fantastic blog about film over here , we’re looking forward to doing a cross-over podcast with him at some point in the future! He’s as passionate about film as Sue and I, so it should be a lot of fun!

We were delighted to find out that one of our first guests Jeremy Lalonde has his own blog as well which, like ours, talks about whatever pop culture item he’s looking at at the moment, books, film, television… He’s our kind of guy, and we’re trying to find a way to hang out with him more often, so if you see him…

Check out his blog here

And our own, Sue Maynard has her author’s blog over here though she admits that with so much on the go lately, she hasn’t had time to write there as much as she would like.

So lots to read, but hopefully you’ll find time to come back and visit with us!


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