Lost Girl – Flirting with the Dark Side

Lost Girl Season 2 resumed last Sunday, and again has launched us back into the world of the Fae.

Sadly, Lauren and Nadia are still *ahem* reconnecting, I’m eager for Lauren’s return, especially now that things are changing in Bo and Kenzi’s world.

The gentleman caller who showed up at Bo’s birthday to present her with the mysterious bracelet, has returned. And I hate to admit it, I like the charming rogue, and the sexual tension between him and Bo is palatable, and a lot of fun when they act on it! Played by Anthony Lemke, Ryan Lambert is a bit of an inventor, honestly, there’s a bit of a Tony Stark feel to him.

It’s only at the end of the first episode of the second season’s return that we learn that Ryan reveals that he is… wait for it…

Dark Fae!

He does bring a lot of fun and humor to the series, and is well on his way to putting the Dark Fae into a different light. However, he’s also very much avowed to his clan, including trying to set up Kenzi’s sweetie Nate (played by Aaron Ashmore) with The Morrigan. And we know what she does to talented musicians.

He also, after a rescue, doesn’t help Bo with some Dark Fae who were up to no good, in Bo’s eyes. According to the laws set up by the Fae, they weren’t doing anything wrong however.

Ryan points out to her that she’s willing to switch sides for whichever suits her moral compass at the moment.

And the sting of that is… he’s not wrong.

It’ll be interesting to see where his character goes in the run of the series, I do hope he’s around for some time to come…

Dyson is getting increasingly cranky, and seems very out of sorts in the most recent episode. There is definitely something going on there…

And the shadow of the Garuda hangs over the Fae…

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