The Snowman – Jo Nesbø

Last year I fell in love with Stieg Larsson’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and it’s two sequels. So much so that I bought all three of the original Swedish films when they were released, and enjoyed them immensely.
Larsson died shortly after delivery of the third book, which meant no more in the series. Sigh.
Now when it comes to mystery/thrillers they are few and far between on my book shelf, I like Sir Arthur, of course, and enjoy Ian Rankin’s work, as well as picking up he occasional Patterson, and as my next book post will show you, an affection for fictional author Richard Castle. So when an interest takes hold I tend to follow it through.
A friend at work suggested I read this book, and the cover proclaimed the author as the next Stieg Larsson I was sold.
And what a ride!
Someone is abducting and murdering wives and mothers, and a taunting letter is delivers to Inspector Harry Hole (not the best name I’ll grant you), and snowmen are left in the abducteds’ yard as a sign.
This book is engaging and captivating, giving you just enough facts mixed with suspicion to keep you guessing at who the serial killer is.
The writing still is crisp and sharp, keeping you in edge as Harry draws closer to the killer, even suspecting those around him.
The story is layered, the characters are intriguing, and the environment is chilly. The red herrings you expect to find in a mystery are here of course, but even those pay off. There is nothing left to chance or unexplained, and everything has its reason in the book, even if it’s just to raise your suspicions.
And the climax of the book had me turning pages as quickly as I could to find out what happens next!
And happily there will be a next as there are a whole series of novels featuring Inspector Hole.
I’ll be tracking them down soon, because The Snowman was a very enjoyable jaunt into mystery/thriller territory.
If you’re looking for something new to read and you like a good detective tale, this could be the one for you.
Happy reading!

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