Lost Girl Fall Finale 2×13 Barometz. Trick. Pressure.

Lost Girl had it’s mid-season finale this Sunday, and what a way to leave us hanging!

They’ve ratcheted things up a notch, and there is now a palatable threat hanging over our band of heroes.


I did notice that whether by design or not, the important humans in their lives have been moved out of the way. The more I think about it, I do think that could be by design, or enemy action. We’ll see how that plays out.

But I’m jumping ahead, the episode is finally, and long overdue, Trick heavy, who reveals that the blood moon is almost upon us. It is during this rare event that he can enter a trance and divine the future, or at least parts of it. This time he wants to have a look at the Big Bad that is coming their way.

He gets his wish, and then some.

He sends Bo to secure a sacred ring that will staunch his blood flow during the trance, which as we know is important, because his blood can change destinies and futures. Bo goes to recover the ring from a shape-shifter and has a wonderful little face-off against… herself, in a very enjoyable scene.

It, along with Hale’s being put out over just finally learning who Trick is, the darts tee, and Kenzi’s lovefest, provided a few laughs, which was good, because the laughs provided much needed levity as we learn how bad things are going to get.

Whilst in the trance, Trick and Lost Girl presented me with one of my favorite sequences that must have been a huge technical challenge. Trick is at a drive-in theater, and is also on the screen in a completely different environment, yet their matching movements and dialogue are damned near perfect.

Trick’s wife, who died in the Fae war, appears to him, and begs him to use his blood to rewrite the peace that he brokered between the light and the dark fae ending the battles.

This is when Trick realizes there is something wrong, and there’s someone/something else with them at the drive-in.

Meanwhile Bo confronts The Ash about Lauren, not to mention his box of multiple heads…

And amidst a series of revelations and a sword fight in which it appeared (to me at least) that The Ash was kind of toying with Bo, he asks her to lead the fight in the battle against the evil the Nain Rouge warned about and the one that Trick has just discovered in his trance…

A species thought to be extinct has in fact survived in limited numbers, and much like the occasional Fae will prey off a human, these creatures, Garuda by name, feed off the anger and rage of Fae (perhaps they were behind the war that Trick ended).

And they are back with a vengeance…

Injuring Trick, Hale and Dyson…

Leaving Bo to save the world tomorrow (well January-ish for us)…

That could be a long wait…

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