Caught In The Net(flix) – Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)

Yup, I went back to Crystal Lake again.

But you know what?

I enjoyed this one!

I got into the camp of it (pun intended) and found lots to laugh at.

When this Friday featured a jump from 1:85 to 2:35 aspect ratio, I figured there must be a bump up in the budget. Not so much. Apparently most of the budget went to the 3D, which I can only imagine looked kinda cheesy if not downright bad when the film had it’s original release.

Despite that… it was fun.

Yet another group of interchangeable characters with the added inventory of make-up geek, pot-heads and a trio of motor cycle thugs are at Crystal Lake, or thereabouts.

The female lead reveals that a couple of years ago, while she was out in the woods being an angsty teenager a deformed man tried to attack her. Jason!!

But she returns to the lake with a bunch of friends in an attempt to forget the past, and of course, all her friends tag along to have sex, smoke up, and inevitably… die.

For no reason that I could discover, Jason just apparently stumbles across this group of twenty-somethings and kinda takes up residence in the barn next to the house so he can watch them until it’s time to kill them, which apparently works better in the dark.

It was a laughably fun movie, and you can just imagine how bad the 3D was with baseball bats, pitchforks, fake snakes, and eyeballs popping towards the screen (and oh how I hooted at that!) – 3D has certainly changed.

After two movies, Jason finally claims the hockey mask that has made his image so iconic, and he lets the bodies pile up rather quickly when he gets going. Until, as always, he’s outwitted and beaten by the female lead.

You’d think he would just learn to stick to his own little corner of the lake.

My favorite moment in the entire film featured a scene where one of the female characters grabs a magazine to read in her hammock. It’s a copy of Fangoria with an article about make-up effects guru Tom Savini, who, of course, did the make-up effects on the first Friday the 13th.

Overall, the films have now reached a level where I can enjoy them, with a lot of laughter and eye rolling.

I think you could even skip the first two and jump right to number 3, I’m a completionist, so I just have to see them all!

Friday The 13th Part 3 (not in 3D) is currently available on Netflix.



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