Pacific Rim (2013) – Guillermo del Toro

  I’m still grinning. It’s not very often that so-called ‘Event’ blockbuster movies can completely take me in, and fewer still can lay claim to being an actual event. Del Toro’s new film, Pacific Rim, does just that. It geeked out the little kid in me, and totally pleased the grown-up film buff as well….

IDW Star Trek (Ongoing) – Issues 5 & 6 – Operation: Annihilate

The IDW re-launch and re-imagining of classic Trek continues in isssues 5 and 6, with a retelling of the Season 1 episode Operation: Annihilate. As Roberto Orci, the comic’s creative consultant, and one of the writers of the 2009 film has said in interviews, these comics are the canon for this series, and tie in…