Trailer Tracks: The Rocketeer (1991) – Joe Johnston

  I’ve always enjoyed the character of The Rocketeer, it’s high-flying adventure, and of course the era it was set in, so I was all for seeing the movie, and with a cast like Timothy Dalton, Bill Campbell, Jennifer Connelly (sigh), and Alan Arkin… I was in. Featuring a score by James Horner that I…

Helix S01E01 – Pilot

  From Executive Producer Ron Moore, who oversaw the re-imaginging of the highly succesful Battlestar Galactica series, as well as creative forces involved with The X-Files and Lost, Helix, from its beginning has promised to be fun, smart and downright scary. Tonight at 10pm on Showcase, you can find out if it lives up to its pedigree….