Star Trek: Voyager (2000) – Live Fast and Prosper, and Muse

Captain’s log: stardate 53849.2 Identity theft still exists in the 24th century as we learn in this episode directed by LeVar Burton and written by Robin Burger. First airing on 19 April, 2000, the story follows a trio of thieves Dala (Kaitlin Hopkins), Mobar (Gregg Daniel) and Zar (Francis Guinan),who are impersonating Janeway (Kate Mulgrew),…

Ole Timey Radio Presents: The Giant’s Stair

The Giant’s Stair Original Broadcast: December 1, 1938 Starring: JULIAN RICHINGS (imdb: Twitter: @JulianRichings) JESSICA GRECO (imdb: Twitter: @TheJessicaGreco) EMILY SCHOOLEY (imdb: Twitter: @EmilySchooley) For video version: For extra content, become a Mind Reels Patron today!